How to attract the attention of men ?

is not news that the establishment of relations between men and women is a step of the difficulties, despite the feelings of reciprocity.Since you need to find an understanding with each other, show respect and learn to trust.But in the beginning it is necessary also to attract attention, somehow interested partners.And for many years, women are saying "men love the eyes," and the men, in turn, - "women love with their ears."As nonstrange is until today the most effective ways.In this article, we take a closer look, the way men attracted the attention of women.

main methods used by men

Women are usually fascinated by its beauty and shape of your body.It really catches your eye, and it is quite natural that the well-kept beautiful women huge number of fans.But just as often you can see next to a bright representative of the female nondescript man.This raises the question how he was able to attract her attention and stand out among all the others ?!Consider the basic tricks of men:


talking about how men attract attention, first of all it is worth noting a way to communicate.At the first meeting, a man entertains a woman.It is quite appropriate jokes, minor questions about the darling of life, in order to show their interest.Just unobtrusive compliments, which emphasize the beauty of a woman and her mind.


confidence and at the same time admiring the view, especially attractive women.Most of them said: "He has such a view, that shudder."Although also note that everyone has different tastes, and if a man looks naive, like a little boy, it just may be interested darling.In this case, a woman considering this view, as the love of a man and the sincerity of his feelings.


can not ignore the special behavior of men, in considering how to attract the attention of men by women.There is a question of gentlemanly role that assumes males.He always opens the car door and will give a hand, opens the door to the restaurant and substitute chair.A woman with such a man feel special, knowing that he himself is so far not all, but only with her.


When alone, the man becomes sensitive.Shows affection, affection and care.This is certainly not a woman will not leave indifferent.On the side she sees the self-confident man, and it turns out that he can be timid and naive.And of course, the woman gets into the role of Princess, which was able to open his soul and see it from the inside.

Have money

This is a very controversial issue, since many believe that women need only money and it's a huge mistake.The main thing, as a man attracts the attention cash plan.Of course, every woman wants to be a queen, so she gave the beautiful bouquets of flowers, gave exquisite gifts.Actually, the man in the presence of money if you have money becomes more sure of himself and the woman, in turn, sees a man who knows how to earn money and be able to provide for his family.With so certainly it will not be lost.

main mistakes men

So often represented using the above methods, the men make mistakes because they do not completely understand them correctly, and then wonder what scared woman.Let us consider them in more detail:

  • in communication man knows no bounds.He asks the woman about it, and questioning satisfied.Jokes are not appropriate, so often using vulgarity.Too much to say compliments.
  • It is not looking at the woman, or look too long and pushy that scares darling.
  • gentleman's behavior sometimes transcends and gives the impression that it relates to the beloved not as a woman but as a child that offends.
  • assertive expression of feelings, in which the lost confidence of the men.
  • In monetary terms the man pays attention not joy in response to the gift of women, and the amount spent on it, showing greed.In addition, in these situations, the woman feels in debt, which is very unpleasant.

Now you know all about how men attract attention.This will allow you to better understand his companion and build relationships with each other.We wish you good luck and a strong union.