How to recognize a change?

How to recognize a change?

Here we offer you several options of how to recognize the betrayal of a husband or wife, a girl or a guy.Of course, good to trust your loved one, but if his behavior has changed beyond recognition, if it began to pay you much less time than before - it is a serious reason to think.

How to recognize the betrayal of his wife or husband

method first

This is the most secure and at the same time, a good method for those who know how to observe.Look closely the behavior of your favorite or favorite.It does not change anything in your relationship?Perhaps he or she has become (s) is more interested in other things, and in relation to you takes much less attention or communicate colder than before?Often it happens that your spouse coming home, or turn off the phone, or on the contrary, spends a lot of time at home with him.If this is constantly happened before, there is nothing wrong with that.But if before the phone itself was lying quietly included, and it was used infrequently - it's not a very good signal.Same with the computer - if you notice that your beloved (th) running towards him at breakneck speed, just coming home and undressed, and they have never been observed, be prepared for unpleasant surprises.

Look at his or her attitude towards you.He or she will become more irritable, raise their voices, or, conversely, avoid contact?And before everything it was different?In this case, it is not necessary "to flog a fever," at once, you can just watch for a while.After all, the reasons for such behavior can be very different, and not necessarily that your mate is someone.Perhaps he or she has some serious problems at work, which does not want to speak, so as not to upset you.In this case you should gently ask what happened.If so, then you will be told about this, though inconsistently and omitting details, but will tell.If he or she is lying, you lie you also are likely to feel.But in any case, should not immediately resort to drastic measures to drop everything and go away with a cry of: "I loved you (s)!"Do not say anything, go to develop, think and only then make a decision.

second method

In general, this method is similar to the first, but here it is necessary to pay attention to more specific things.For example, your wife is, as she says, "hang out with my friends," as she puts on at the same frank and dress makes a chic make-up, which had behind it has never been observed.And then just decided before going to visit a beauty salon, make expensive manicure and pedicure.And your husband said that he went on a campaign, and he did not take the necessary things and dressed as if leaving is not the nature, but to work.Change?Maybe.Pay attention to their behavior, and how they will make excuses as to why you sounded just such a version.

Now about the interests.Your guy was interested in painting or literature, no reason, no reason at all, and in fact before he confused with Repin Malevich or Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.Why this craving for beauty?Well, if there are new friends, which is attached to your beloved art and he began to drag you to the museums, and in the evenings to read the classics, telling you stories.And if it is not?Think about it.The same is true if your woman suddenly began to listen to Bach or Telemann, while previously only included "Hands up."If it is at the same time it began to drive you to the Philharmonic or she had new friends who are interested in the classics - all in order.If not - it is an occasion to reflect.Well, if your halves do not stand still, they seek to develop and captivate you for a.However, you need to understand where did this interest and how it is sincere.Moreover, if the earlier range of interests was rather narrow.

third method

I have to say - this method is how to recognize the treason to the use is not recommended and is suitable only if you are 100% sure that you change.In fact, this hidden surveillance.You climb into the mobile phone, ICQ, e-mail, your husband or wife's pocket, watch them from the entrance to the place where he went, hire a man to spy.Only now think: and if your favorite you do not change, as it will look like you do?Even if they do not know about it ... And if you learn what to torment the conscience and have added a deserved and, most likely, a very strong resentment on the part of an innocent man.Therefore, do not stoop to this, do not do anything rashly, and then, perhaps, you will tell yourself about the change, if it occurred, or you yourself will understand everything.