As a hint to the guy ?

As a hint to the guy ?

So you want men to understand women not so much at a glance, and caught invested interline sense.From such misunderstandings women are often frustrated, resentful, scandals, and men still do not understand what is happening.

In a relationship loving couple trying to get to know each other (habits, solve the mood, desires, etc.) including a man learns his woman done by hints.It is quite another matter that the man deliberately did not want to respond to them or do not really understand what was coming.

If you have a long-term relationship may hint at all and is not necessary.It is necessary to speak in their half right, what you want.There will be no hard feelings, misunderstandings and scandals from scratch.

When the relationship has not yet been established, to talk about their desires is just embarrassing, uncomfortable and scary, as there is no certainty that you will be understood correctly.In these cases it is necessary to make accurate hints to help a guy understand the desires of his beloved.

Consider the most popular cases, and we give a couple of tips available namenut guy.

hint of sympathy

you have been communicating with, but he does not seem to understand about your sympathy, you must make it clear to the person.Basic hints of sympathy:

  • ask him for help (the man feels it necessary);
  • chance gently to touch him;
  • not be afraid to be embarrassed (blush) with him;
  • talk about the new film released in the process of communication to invite him.

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hint of a kiss

you already for a long time together, but he does not kiss you.The thought of it never leaves my head, kissing first, and do not want to scary, and suddenly he thinks about your promiscuity, etc.In this case it is necessary to insinuate one of the favorite options, you can choose:

  • flirt all day, give him a feel welcome;
  • use tactile contact (interlocking hands, gently stroking the ear, etc.);
  • often look at his lips, and to draw attention to his (biting, licking);
  • be more likely to kiss away.

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hint of gift

So you want to get something as a gift from a loved one, and he does not understand.Just can not say, do not understand his reaction, still hint:

  • talk about the gift that made her friend, make it clear that she was so lucky;
  • talk about a dream in which you are presented with a welcome, say you were happy at the moment;
  • tell that during a walk to see his dream and now can not sleep;
  • unpretentious constantly mention in dialogue about the present subject matter.

Hint family

Most men fear losing freedom or to change your life in an uncertain direction.You must be able to hint to my man, you will find it is so expensive, you can even imagine a happy family and a happy old age with him.It is important to feel a man, his mood, try to completely relax him.Hints at family relationships should be very carefully and at the right moment a romantic mood, so as not to frighten the elect.

hints Arts is very thin hard work.Women appear in the image of psychologists who anticipate the right time, place and circumstances to accomplish his evil plan.The main thing is not to overdo it in their desires to hint at anything, because man is not so simple, easily able to see through the plan of their own manipulation and more will not allow it.