As a member of the cure ?

As a member of the cure ?

curvature of the penis may be either congenital or acquired in nature.At the same time against the background of minor problems that do not cause discomfort and does not affect reproductive function, distinguished pathology, actually negate the intimate life.For these cases, it provided a range of medical interventions designed to cure distortion.

How to cure penis: techniques

Just note that conservative treatment methods by a member of the curvature does not exist.Get rid of the disease is possible only with the help of surgery.There are several types of transactions:

  1. straightening member by cutting part of the tunica on the opposite side of the curvature (if significant distortions) or imposing line plitsiruyuschih seams on the tunica albuginea (with curvatures up to 45 degrees).The technique involves shortening of the penis by 0.5-2 cm, and therefore applicable in cases where sexual organ has a considerable length.The operation is performed on an outpatient basis, the patient goes home after a few hours afterwards.
  2. Straightening by lengthening the tunica albuginea on the side of the curvature.Most often, the operation is applied to treat Peyronie's disease.The method allows not only to eliminate the defects in the structure of the penis, but in some cases even provide a small increase in its.This operation is also out-patient and allows the patient to go home soon after its completion.
  3. Elimination of distortion by the penile implant.It assumes implantation hydraulic falloprotezov, allowing not only to straighten the penis, but also solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.This operation is more complicated than the previous.Sometimes dentures can be combined with surgery to lengthen the tunica on the curved side.

After treatment, a member of the curvature of the need to wait at least another 1-1.5 months (recovery period) and only after that to continue to love life.

All of these operations have some temporary side effects.It is also important to understand that the operation carried out by a bad specialist, not only can not solve the problem, but also exacerbate it.And so it is very important to carefully choose the clinic for surgery and of the surgeon

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