What is a douche ?

What is a douche ?

For some douche - this is a usual thing, someone refers to him with fear and distrust, while others simply do not know what a douche.It is not know.We investigated together.

Douching: are

  • procedures Definition: douche - a procedure for the treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases;Its essence lies in the vaginal lavage specific therapeutic agents (solutions).
  • : Procedure provides mechanical, chemical and thermal effects on the vaginal mucosa.
  • Indications: chronic inflammation of the vagina and cervix.

Sometimes douching is performed in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies.In this case, the vagina is irrigated by means of a mechanical washing sperm and chemical action on it for the purpose of spermatotroficheskogo effects (in other words, not to allow the sperm to survive).

With the technique of this procedure, you can find more detail in the article "How to douche?".

We continue to talk about what a douche, and what to expect from this procedure.

Douching: how often should

answer prescribed by a doctor.

Healthy woman's body does not need daily syringing, moreover, it can be harmful.The mucous membrane of the vagina allocate a special secret to maintain normal microflora, preserve the balance of the internal environment.Douching unnecessarily (presence of inflammatory diseases, established by a doctor (!)) Leads to disruption of this balance, the oppression of the natural microflora (good bacteria are washed away), as a result of leaching of natural lubrication.This in turn will lead to the disease and, proliferation of harmful microorganisms and their rassprostraneniyu up the cervix in its cavity and beyond.

body by nature is capable of self-cleaning (normal), it is sufficient to observe simple rules of hygiene (daily shower, clean clothes, etc.).

We hope you will become clear effect of this procedure.It can hold their own at home, but after consultation with the doctor.