How to treat phimosis ?

called phimosis foreskin constriction.The head of the penis at the same time may not open at all, or open, but difficult and very painful.

How does phimosis

are four basic degree of phimosis:

  1. glans penis at rest can expose without problems, but during erection for this process will require a little effort.
  2. During an erection can not open the glans penis at all, and at rest - difficult, but possible, or completely effortlessly.
  3. Problems with urination do not have, but the head of the penis can not be opened, or it opens at rest with great effort.
  4. Phimosis causes difficulty urinating.During urination preputial sac swells, then only a weak urine stream drops or excreted.In this manifestation of phimosis, the glans penis is not reopened, even slightly.

Treatment of phimosis in boys

Usually, phimosis occurs in the majority of boys under the age of 2-3 years - a physiological phimosis.However, there is no consensus, the age at which ceases to be a physiological phimosis, the age at which it is advisable to operate, etc.Do not forget that the physiological phimosis can lead all to the same complications as normal phimosis.

Addressing purely individual need for surgical intervention.It is important to know that most children phimosis goes away.Wherein the head is opened further without causing any problems in the foreskin.Nevertheless, until the solution of this problem should focus on hygiene foreskin.Enough daily single washing head antiseptic (chlorhexidine, miramistin, et al.).

Most experts determine the age of about 6-7 years, when the head of the penis should begin to open up completely free.If this does not happen, then surgery may be required.

Phimosis in adults: treatment.

Some adult males can be observed phimosis saved since childhood.Also phimosis adults may develop during the rapid growth and development of sex organs in puberty.At discrepancy of rates of development of the penis and the foreskin, it may be less than the head.Its opening, which proved already, does not allow to open the head of the penis.

Because there are several ways, effective treatment of phimosis can only be called an operation - is circumcision.However, let's look at attempts to treat phimosis in other ways, in order to dispel all the myths about it.

Home treatment of phimosis corticosteroid ointments

This method of treatment of phimosis is prolonged regular use of corticosteroid ointments for the treatment of the glans and foreskin.In this case there is a slight increase in skin elasticity, whereby foreskin capable stretch, thereby reducing the extent of the disease.Glucocorticoids help to reduce inflammation and swelling, promotes healing of microcracks.

Unfortunately, in practice, these processes are so small that even many months of application of corticosteroid ointments have no effect.If phimosis, moreover, prone to progression, against this method of treatment of the disease usually continues to grow, albeit less intensively.This method is considered to be ineffective, and recommend it is not necessary for the home treatment of phimosis.

phimosis treatment without surgery by stretching the foreskin

Using this method, a person must regularly develop stenosing ring foreskin tissue with your fingers or special tools in order to stretch it.This method is sometimes used together with the corticosteroid therapy.

can not deny a certain effectiveness of this method of treatment.For some effect on stretch fabrics foreskin should do the exercises every day for 1-2 hours, months, or even years.For the implementation of these conditions is not much patience enough.It's worth noting that these exercises are possible only if the extent of the disease 1-2.Unfortunately, more than 99% of attempts home treatment of phimosis in this manner undergo failure.

Circumcision (circumcision)

Circumcision - is by far the most effective treatment for phimosis.With surgery the foreskin is removed, exposing the head of the penis.Treatment of phimosis laser - it fotodestruktivnoe circumcision today is minimally traumatic, and reduces the risk of complications in the postoperative period.Now you know how to treat phimosis.