How to get rid of menopause ?

How to get rid of menopause ?

Every woman reaches a certain age, faced with the same problem.We are talking about menopause.Menopause - a natural physiological process.Many ladies are afraid of the period and was horrified to wait as they will that change in their physical and emotional state.We want to clarify and explain all the questions that are often asked women about menopause, which will be devoted to this article.We will not talk about how to get rid of menopause, because it is not a disease and it is impossible to get rid of it.We want to say that it is a natural physiological process that occurs with some symptoms.Sometimes symptoms, ameliorating or requires treatment.In medicine, menopause is called menopause or menopause, and involves slow down sexual function.

How is menopause

Incidentally, 15% of women do not experience during menopause is no change.Climax catches up after 45 years.In very rare cases, it occurs earlier.And a small part of women do not experience any adverse symptoms.As a rule, these are the women who look after their health and are in good physical shape.But most of them feel oppressed state of mind, and the so-called hot flashes, which you read below.

Climax - is not a disease.Therefore, you can not reflect on how to stop menopause.Just because menopause is mandatory.But not always, a woman may notice that this time has come, because the symptoms begin to appear about six months.How do you know that you have arrived climax?

menopause symptoms

  1. There tides - these bouts of heat with sweating, which happens dozens of times a day.Sometimes a woman may lose consciousness;
  2. Bones become more brittle, you become harder to walk.Before osteoporosis far, but there are common features.It will help the vitamins, since the bones in old age leached calcium;
  3. Intimate life can also be affected.During menopause reduces the protective function of vaginal flora, intimate zone is exposed to bacteria and infection.It should follow the hygiene;
  4. Also menopause is associated with skin problems, venous diseases, emotional, mental state, weight gain.

How to treat menopause

A couple of years ago, menopause treated with hormone therapy only.But modern medicine can offer better options and hormone treatment, we all know, it has a lot of minuses.First of all, for the treatment is necessary to address to the gynecologist.He will appoint a medication.The number of hot flushes will help avoid physical activity.No need to go to the gym, at this age can be a walk in the fresh air, or swim in the pool.


Proper nutrition is also very important in this period.First of all, stop to eat fatty, salty and spicy food.It is recommended to give up coffee.Women who are constantly experiencing anxiety and fatigue should completely give up smoking and alcohol.As you can see, the climax is similar to the disease symptoms only.But if not properly care for them, some of the symptoms can lead to disease.For example, the insufficient amount of calcium in the bone, resulting in frequent fractures.So doctors advise to pay attention to adequate intake of vitamins and minerals.

Traditional methods of treatment

more effective treatments, the doctor tells you.We want to tell you more about how to alleviate menopause, make sure that it does not interfere with your normal life.So, if you suffer from:

  • Because of the tides, nervousness and sweating, you need to take anti-anxiety herbs such as sage and St. John's wort.Also reconcile food.
  • With obesity need to get rid of fat, junk food.Take yourself to exercise.Herbs that may be brewing: nettle, black currant, and yarrow.
  • When palpitations well helps decoction of rose petals and sage leaves.Also, traditional medicine recommends to drink beet juice with honey.

about how to deal with menopause, it is best to talk with your doctor.The body of every woman is different and brings a climax in his own way.We would like to convey to the fairer sex life after menopause and continues quite successfully.After 40, when the children have grown up, built a career, and not to worry about do not come, we can only live and enjoy every day.