How to get rid of the tide ?

How to get rid of the tide ?

For every woman there comes a time when it takes place in the body hormonal changes, which is called menopause or menopause.At this time, the ovaries do not produce estrogen.Most often, menopause occurs in women who have reached 50 years of age.When the climax she stops menstruating.It is difficult to predict when it's symptoms such as menopause, hot flashes, but very often this phenomenon is hereditary factor.Menopause may occur earlier due to undergoing gynecological surgery or prolonged extreme stress, with exhaustion and severe forms of the disease.

Hot flashes during menopause

The majority of women during menopause, hot flashes occur, which is a clear manifestation of menopause.Hot flashes during menopause women deliver great inconvenience, she feels a sudden fever, which spreads through the body.Some women experience such sensations as if they are in the steam bath room or mercilessly burning sun.Heat often begins to spread from the face and neck, reaching the body.

Sometimes it can even be increased skin temperature.It appears excessive perspiration, quickens the heart rate and increased blood pressure.This state can last for several minutes, and the frequency of such manifestations of every woman can be shown individually.When menopause begins, women hot flashes can occur several times a day.

These symptoms significantly impair concentration and attentiveness, reduce performance, often cause insomnia.In order to improve your health, you should consult a doctor, he will tell you how to get rid of the tides.

Treatment tides

There are different remedies for hot flashes during menopause, but it is better to start treatment using natural methods, without the use of drugs.To do this:

  • not eat fatty and salty foods;
  • regularly ventilate the room, especially one in which sleep;
  • use relaxation techniques;
  • eat vegetarian food;
  • load your body with exercise;
  • monitor the weight of the state;
  • use vitamins, which can be purchased in the pharmacy;
  • stop smoking, alcohol and drinks with high caffeine content;
  • wear clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, viscose;
  • possible to make a relaxing massage.

Some women help breathing exercises that should be done in the morning and evening.For information on how to do breathing exercises can be found online.

Medications by tides

If a woman came the climax, how to get rid of hot flushes doctor know, so it is inevitable to hike.In such a period may be increased blood pressure, in this case, be sure to take medication that dilates blood vessels.Do not use the drug without a prescription, as any drug is selected individually.

Women who are prone to stress, can make light of antidepressants, but this should be done in strict compliance with the doctor's recommendations.Independently can use sedatives, which will not bring any harm to the body.These drugs include valerian drops of tincture of Leonurus.

For the prevention and treatment during menopause recommended Estrovel.In its composition are herbal ingredients that are effective support hormonal balance of the female body during menopause.

folk remedy for menopause

When women come menopause, hot flashes, treatment of folk remedies can greatly facilitate the overall condition of the body.To do this, make herbal teas that will help lead to normal nervous system.It is recommended to drink tea with mint and lemon balm, hawthorn decoction and infusion of blue cyanosis.During strong tides very well to the collection of valerian root, which is necessary to pour a glass of boiling water, leave for two hours and apply it in the morning and evening for half a glass.

Now you know the techniques of how to alleviate their condition at the time of menopause.This will allow you to become an active and cheerful woman.Be healthy!