How to increase testosterone ?

How to increase testosterone ?

When we hear the word "testosterone", the brain immediately gives an association with a man.Indeed, it is the primary male sex hormone, regulating spermatogenesis and male sexual behavior.Although the presence of testosterone can speak for women, but in much smaller quantities, and its role in a woman's body is not as great as men.But before we start talking about how to boost testosterone levels, it is necessary to understand its impact on the body while reducing.

reasons for the decline of testosterone

How to increase testosterone in the body?Eliminate the causes of its decline.All logical look at some harmful factors to the male hormone.

  1. Alcohol and carbonated drinks.This does not promote a healthy lifestyle, it's true.Ethyl alcohol, blood is distributed throughout the body and interferes with the synthesis of testosterone.So, when deciding how to raise the level of testosterone in the blood, think about reducing this type of beverage.
  2. Power.We are talking about excessive consumption of foods that negatively affect the production of testosterone.These include: sugar, salt, caffeine (it reduces free testosterone), fast food, smoked foods (the so-called liquid smoke is a poison for eggs), fat milk, baked goods, soy and soy products (they contain phytoestrogens acting analogues of female sexhormones).So, dear women, thinking about how to increase testosterone in men, be careful what you feed them.Incidentally, generally harmful food can lead to ulcers, how it affects the level of testosterone, see below.
  3. Medicines.Anti-ulcer drugs reduce testosterone.
  4. Any injury genital organs (blows, cuts, and even hypothermia).
  5. Smoking.Here and so everything is clear.Yes, also have a negative effect on men's health (well, female, too).
  6. Ecology.Indirect effects.Bad ecology negatively affects all body functions (actually, like smoking and alcohol).And sex hormones are very susceptible to various kinds of bacteria.
  7. Overweight.More specifically - is accumulated (mostly in the field of "tummy") fat.Everyone knows that in a man, there are female sex hormones, but their number is slightly normal.As women have testosterone.How to improve this hormone in women, in men as well as possible by controlling the level of body fat.The fact that it is synthesized in the body fat female germ cells.Excess fat in the male body can lead him eventually to the middle floor.
  8. bilirubin and blood sugar.Watch out for their level.The normal rate is 20 kmmol bilirubin / l.Above 25 there will be a negative impact on the level of testosterone in the blood.Norma sugar 5.5 mmol / l.More than 7 mmol / l is already a risk to the male hormone.
  9. hemoglobin.Any of its oscillation (ie decrease or increase) also reduces the level of testosterone.
  10. Passive way of life.In terms of the lack of physical activity.Do not be upset if you think that now we need to say about everyday hang in the gym with a bar on the treadmill, do not.The bottom line is that here the measure is necessary.To learn how to increase testosterone with the right of physical activity, we'll continue.
  11. Age.Unfortunately, this process does not stop.Typically, after 40 levels of testosterone in a natural way is to reduce.However, this process can be slowed down, if you remember all the negative reasons (which are set out above) and delete them.By the way, the sooner the better.This is true enough, and young people.

effect of lowering testosterone

  • reduced sexual ability of men falling libido;
  • as a consequence of the first point and as an independent investigation of low testosterone - depression;
  • irritability;
  • bad dream;
  • drop in cognitive abilities;
  • decrease in muscle mass, in the sense of reducing the amount of muscle and endurance.

These are the main consequences of reduced testosterone in the male body.Well, now I come to a concrete decision on how to increase the level of testosterone in the body.

increase testosterone Way

Guess it is not so difficult: to increase testosterone, it is necessary to eliminate the reasons that it reduces.The reasons you have already read.Now let's see what should be done for the "male" health.

  • Get enough sleep.What is correct?This sleep at least 8 hours.However, it is worth remembering about the individuality of each organism.The main point is to get enough sleep, you have to feel that sleep is made up, spent the previous day, forces.During sleep, our body functions rearrange, move in a different mode.Thus, the endocrine system is reconstructed in the direction of activity during sleep, it increases these vital hormones like growth hormone, melatonin and testosterone.The conclusion is obvious: there is not enough sleep - do not have enough testosterone.Lack of sleep has a negative impact on all of the reproductive system.Here are some conditions that increase the quality of sleep:
    1. silence;
    2. dark room where you sleep;
    3. temperature.Here we are on the temperature optimum for the testicles.It should be slightly below body temperature.Because considered useful to sleep without underwear.
  • night sleep in the dark, but the light of day is needed.This is another factor identified by scientists in the experiments.The lack of natural light, especially sunlight, has a negative impact on the reproductive system, leads to a reduction of the normal level of testosterone.
  • Exercise.That came to them.As we have said, there is an important measure.The fact that excessive stress also adversely affect the production of testosterone and their absence.The best is 3-4 sessions per week for 30 - 60 minutes.Suit aerobic exercise.
  • Power.It seemed, too, we have already said a lot about this.They said that it is impossible, now let's talk about what can and should eat to maintain a normal level of testosterone and its increase.
    1. first - balance.Proteins, carbohydrates, fats.Moreover, carbohydrates and fats are only useful.That is from carbohydrates: cereals, fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc.(Complex carbohydrate), and no sugar, biscuits, etc.From fat: vegetable (nuts, seeds, olive oil), lean meats, fish.The last - and it is an essential source of protein, along with low-fat milk products (cheese, cheese, yogurt).By the way, we talked about that fat accumulated in the body, synthesized female germ cells.But the question of excess fat!In general, fats in the diet are needed, there is also synthesized in and testosterone, the main thing - measure.
    2. second - vitamins.You can buy ready-complex vitamins, containing all daily requirement needed by the body (in any drugstore).For example, vitamin B, C, F - involved in the synthesis of testosterone, vitamin E and it prevents the breakdown of the molecules.
    3. Minerals.Also contained in the complex vitamins.For testosterone is mainly zinc - a kind of building material for the male hormone.It can be found in foods: pumpkin seeds, nuts, lentils, sardines, beans, lean beef.
  • Mental attitude.Believe it and tune in to a positive.For example, laughter, fun (sincere) produces serotonin.And serotonin.It is considered a beneficial effect on his situation, competition and moderate risk.

And yes, to increase testosterone, you must comply with all these conditions simultaneously.