What is the vagina ?

As is known, the structure of the female and male body are different.This time we will focus on the sexual organs of women, namely the vagina.Hardly, you paid attention to the structure of the female body.At school, the lessons you briefly talked about the female body and its organs, but every girl at a minimum should be aware of your body and its structure.Therefore, let us consider what the vagina in the female body.You can find a schematic representation of what will be discussed below on a webpage.

begin with the definition

Canal, which connects the region of the vulva and the uterus - a vagina.It can be represented in the form of a tube of muscle that is easily stretched.According to the size of the vagina are different for each woman, but not by much.According to statistics, the length may be from seven to twelve centimeters.When upright women, the vagina is raised slightly upwards.Its wall thickness - three to four millimeters and have three layers:

  • internal - the mucous membrane of squamous epithelium, it is formed by many transverse folds of the vagina.And if there is a need, they will help him to change his size;
  • medium - a layer of smooth muscle, the muscle located mainly longitudinally, but there are beams, which have a circular direction.The upper part of the muscles of the vagina enters the uterine muscle.Below are stronger and are moving in the perineum muscle;
  • outside - yet it is called the adventitia layer.This layer which loose connective tissue.They have fragments of muscle fibers and elastic.

little about the structure of the vagina

structure known not to everyone.Its more detailed study gynecologists, obstetricians, medical workers.The front and rear - the vaginal wall so divided, they are connected to each other.The upper end of the vaginal wall grab cervix, thereby forming the vaginal vault.The lower end of the vagina comes on the eve of its closing hymen virgins.

The vagina has a pale pink color, but when a woman becomes pregnant, it will melt and wall darken brighter.If they touch, they are soft and body temperature.When there is sexual intercourse, the vagina expands due to the fact that it has great elasticity.Its diameter is increased to ten to twelve centimeters during childbirth.This fruit has the ability to go outside.Middle layer of smooth muscle provides him with the opportunity.And the outer layer of the vagina connects with other bodies, which are not related to the female genital organs.Namely: the bladder, which is located in front of the vagina and the rectum, which is located behind it.

glands, which secrete mucus, are found on the walls of the vagina and cervical canal.In this mucus color with a white shade and has its own smell.This mucus in the vagina takes the role of "janitor", it moisturizes and cleans it from bacteria and dead cells.Due to the fact that it has an acid reaction, pathogenic microbes do not develop here.If the woman is healthy, the mucus should not go outside.liquid separation processes are built in such a way that that the mucus, which is released is equal to that absorbed.And even if there is a selection of her, then very little.


If a woman observes in his copious, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist, he will prescribe a survey because vaginal discharge - these are signs of inflammation.They can be caused by infections, which are very dangerous.As a result, the female body can pass the changes that are dangerous infertility and other consequences are not pleasant.

If the vagina is constantly wet, then it is OK.At the same time it provided a healthy microflora and normal sexual intercourse.During menopause dramatically decreases the amount of hormones that are responsible for secretion of mucus.Vaginal dryness and pain start to accompany the woman.When these symptoms also need to see a gynecologist.It happens that a woman postpones visit to the doctor, comforting, that will take place and the disease it passes.But this is only exacerbates the problem.To the doctor it gets later, and the disease has already started and the treatment is much more difficult and expensive.

Operating within

If we study what is inside the vagina, we first turn our attention to the cervix, which has a rounded shape and a hole.It entrance is closed, mucus plug protects objects from entering the uterus.But even when such protection in the vagina should not be any objects, such as tampons.They need to be timely change, as they will be a source of bacteria.

vagina functions

Consider, what are the functions of the vagina:

  • sexual function - it is responsible for insemination, which involved and the vagina.According to it, the sperm that stood out in the process of sexual intercourse, move to the uterus.Sperm going to the place of the vagina where the cervical canal of the uterus and the mucus plug, or rather its composition help to fertilize;
  • birth - the birth process passes through the vagina.It, along with the cervix creates the birth canal.During pregnancy, there are changes, the walls are stretched, so the fruit output process takes place without any obstacles.Childbirth - it is certainly stressful for women.But the experience of the vagina does not need it for six weeks come to his norm.It happens that during childbirth obtained breaks, then to come back to normal, will need a little more time.Therefore, not only the woman should be ready for this moment, and her partner.He must take all understanding and a time to refrain from sexual intercourse, so as not to injure the body;
  • protection - the vagina cleans itself constantly, it squamous epithelium gives you the opportunity to block the path of the bacteria that carry the infection in the vagina.Healthy woman in her vagina has a little bit of micro-organisms, but they do not develop an infection;
  • leading out - it provides the output of vaginal discharge.Two milliliters a day - such a rule precipitates, but whichever, which phase of the menstrual cycle, their number varies;
  • sexy - the stronger sex feel the vagina an erogenous zone.But the vagina is not a very large number of nerve endings, thus it has a high sensitivity.Mene than 14% of women feel touching the vaginal walls, but the lower part of his sensible, it is called "Zone Grefenberga" as that point in the vagina is said Grefenberg.He said that the front wall of the vagina has a section with a diameter of about one centimeter.If it is to stimulate, the orgasm is more noticeable.This point is compared to the male prostate.But just to say that this point there can not be, since it is not yet proven.

Maybe you've decided to find at such a site?And you do not really happen?No need to get upset.Every woman has a physiological structure of the erogenous zones, and they can vary.And yet, a lot depends on your second half.

If you do an analysis of what the vagina, the output will be one - it is important for a woman body, which it emphasizes, as a woman, who in her body performs many functions.One of which is the continuation of the human race.