Which oven is better?

Which oven is better?

For roasting and baking of different dishes at home, use the oven or the oven.It can be part of the cooker, or be separately embedded element.These are the - non-integrated oven, have the largest number of features, so buy this oven is best.But how to choose the oven to suit best?The oven may be electric or gas, each has its advantages.


Control In the control method, the oven divided into autonomous and dependent.Dependent ovens come with cooking surface, and by means of which is carried out using the oven.He has one power button.To one hob can go two models of the oven - to choose from, they only differ in appearance and minor configuration changes.Purchasing options panel of the oven and is suitable for kitchens with a solid top, on which this package can be attached.

What oven to choose - dependent or not, a matter of convenience and kitchen configuration.Standalone oven are separate from the hob control.The panel is located on the front panel of the oven.It may be located anywhere in the kitchen, becauseIt has no connection with the hob.This is useful if the dimensions do not allow food to distribute all the techniques in a row.

Types of heating


This is the simplest and most economical form of ovens, becausegas is in each house, and its cost is low.Visually, these ovens look familiar, especially for owners of gas stoves in the past.The bottom of the oven is equipped with a gas burner, which is ignited automatically.But, the best gas oven, all the same, it is one in which there are additional electrical components.This may be a timer, a skewer grill and fan assembly.If you buy a vacation home in the oven, then it can work on gas cylinders.But it is for sure fire safety rules.In such models necessarily include gas monitoring system.The surface of the oven must be for the convenience of self-cleaning.


This oven has a lot more features than the gas.The main advantage - it is the direction of the heating.If gas oven heats the bottom of the dish, sometimes - the top, the electric heat on all sides.This allows better propech or fry dish.Best electric oven has a full set of features, especially the ability to install a temperature up to 5 degrees, that will best meet the recipes.And, notably, the temperature will be kept at the level fixed for the entire cooking time.

heating element in the oven so few.One is at the bottom, below the bottom of the oven.Second - on the back wall, and it is equipped with an additional fan, which allows the dish to heat evenly.The third - a grill, which is attached to the upper bracket of the oven.Temperature range is incredibly high - from 30 ° C to 300 ° C.Gas oven does not have such a breadth of temperature modes, so choosing which oven is better, it is worth paying attention to it.Minus electric oven is the large power consumption.

Additional features

  • Lack door heating.The most suitable oven function, especially if the house has children or pets.The basic material is a special glass, which can be two or three.Additional glasses are included in the price of the oven, and it may significantly increase.But to compensate for the price you can, becausethis door will save a substantial part of the heat and electricity.
  • Pyrolysis.Or the self-cleaning function.It will also add a percentage to the total cost, but the benefits of such a function is huge.Sam pyrolysis process appears as heat pollution and high temperature grease.When they turn to ash, which can be wiped off with a damp cloth.It saves your time, becauseself-clean oven is very difficult.
  • Mobile trolley.Very handy feature, asfor monitoring food availability no longer need to get the whole pan.In the past, this is the most problematic procedure in which you can get burned.Now, thanks to this function, the pan can be put in the cart, which can be removed if necessary.
  • No heating of the side walls.With the help of blowing cold air inside the oven walls are not heated, which allows you to embed the oven into the furniture.Thus, the kitchen furniture will not be damaged by heat, especially wood.
  • built-in timer.It can be electronic or mechanical - a significant role is not playing.A very handy feature that lets you do things, without controlling the cooking process.
  • Built spit.The most pleasant bonus for fans of kebabs and chicken-baked.Due to the rotating movement, good meat fry thoroughly until crisp.You can select the oven with diagonal skewer.Its length is longer, so you can increase the number of servings.
  • Retractable button.They are designed to simplify the maintenance of the front panel of the oven and preventing accidental activation.
  • programmable control.This feature will allow to automatically manage the preparation process, starting from the temperature control and defrosting, drying up or turn on only a few heating panels.
  • temperature sensor.He has not in all types of ovens, and is a very good feature.It helps to regulate the temperature, which is especially good when preparing food in different temperature modes simultaneously.

Manufacturers and service life

Knowing the signs of the best models and what kind of oven is better, you can select the appropriate one.It has to come from your needs, in the first place.If you enjoy baking, then need podirat oven with a corresponding set of functions.Dimensions ovens are standard - 60 cm or 70 cm wide.It is suitable for the kitchen absolutely any size.The most popular and reliable ovens of foreign companies - Siemens, Bosch, Miele and others.You can familiarize yourself with the list of companies - manufacturers in the Internet or in stores equipment.

average life cycle of ovens - from 2 to 3 years.Each model and manufacturer of the term may be different.During the warranty period, available to all customers warranty.But from reliable manufacturers, equipment will last you much longer than specified in operating terms.The main thing is that you can choose the appropriate model based on well from the parameter "price - quality", then you make the most appropriate purchase.