What is prostatitis ?

Prostatitis - a disease that is characterized by inflammation of the prostate gland.The main cause of prostatitis is getting into the prostate pathogens, which helps a lot of the specific location of the prostate gland - in the pelvis.Bacteria can penetrate into the prostate for bladder, urethra, rectum and lymph nodes and blood vessels of the pelvis.But getting an infection in the prostate, has no evidence of the disease occurs.Moreover, we can say that getting an infection in the prostate gland, located in the pelvis, are common to the men, which often goes unnoticed.

In this article, we will tell you about what is prostatitis in men, and explain why this disease can occur.To begin with, what factors can lead to the disease prostatitis.

factors leading to the disease

  • Hypothermia whole organism, which can be purchased, falling into the hole after driving a couple of hours in the frozen train or just sit on the cold stone.
  • constipation often, despite the fact that the disease does not cause sporadic cases, namely, regular problems with a chair.
  • Sedentary work, which may affect the development of the disease.The risk group includes drivers, computer operators, and, in general, all the people who do not have time to warm-up during operation.
  • Prolonged abstinence or vice versa hyperactivity sexual function.And then, and then, a negative impact on human health, and above all, on the condition of the prostate.
  • little exercise and an inactive lifestyle.
  • Chronic diseases of the body, for example, bronchitis, or chronic inflammatory processes - tonsillitis or caries.
  • healed venereal and urological diseases - gonorrhea, urethritis.
  • states that contribute to suppression of the immune system - excessive overtraining, lack of sleep, which lasts a long time, constant stress and malnutrition.

These factors or facilitate microbial penetration into the prostate, or lead to a deterioration of the normal blood supply to the pelvic stagnant processes, which in turn contributes to bacterial growth and the development of inflammatory processes in the prostate, therefore, from what is prostatitis or prerequisites forhim.

disease manifestation

Prostatitis may be the beginning of a rapid, similar to the inflammatory process, with all outgoing symptoms.In this case, the patient may complain of fever, fever, elevated body temperature to 38-39 degrees, and perineal pain with the pubis and groin, anus.There painful defecation and urination.Now we see what is chronic prostatitis.

  • it develops much more often, despite the fact that the patient, he can hardly be disturbed.In this case, all of the above symptoms will occur in a mild form, sometimes not even attracting attention.Occasionally the temperature rises to 37 degrees, occasionally it may be noted perineal pain or discomfort when urinating or defecating.It can also be marked, slight discharge from the urethra, which is one of the most common symptoms of prostatitis.This is what is prostatitis, in all its forms, it is necessary to treat that.
  • happens that prostatitis develops as a secondary disease in chronic diseases transferred sexually transmitted diseases.This can be, and chlamydia, and trichomoniasis or ureaplasmosis.In this case, there is the faintest symptom scores, as a rule, to which the patient does not pay attention because of the underlying disease, the symptoms of which is clearly more pronounced than the symptoms of prostatitis.
  • after a certain time, after the onset of the disease, in men a decrease in erectile function, which is associated with involvement in the process of nerve diseases, which are responsible for the normal functioning of reproductive organs.Nerves pass through the prostate gland, which is a result of the disease becomes inflamed, and with it the inflamed nerves.

Generally, prostatitis very negative impact on the health of men, both physical and emotional.Man becomes highly irritable, throw words, dissatisfied and concerned only them.And sometimes it manifests itself so strongly that some doctors say that the treatment of prostatitis, you must be not only a good urologist, but also a good psychiatrist.

What happens if not treated

Suffering from prostatitis man, neglecting the help of specialists, may very complicate the situation.He may develop an abscess or focal purulent inflammation of the prostate.In this case it develops high, up to 40 degrees the temperature, which can be hectic properties, ie it can give swings greater than 1 degree.It is also noted a high fever, which can replace the sharp chill.Pain in the perineum expressed so often that very difficult urination, defecation and sometimes altogether impossible.After a while there comes a swelling of the prostate, and as a consequence - an acute urinary retention.But rarely delay the disease to the point, and the patients are mainly treated in time to the urologist.What we found out chronic prostatitis, but which may be in the absence of its treatment, we now consider.

during his often acquires waveform.Periodic exacerbation are replaced by remissions, after which the disease manifests itself not so.Therefore, some are trying to sit at home.But this is not an option, because with each exacerbation of the disease spreads more deeply, and with it himself inflammation.If the inflammation spreads the urinary system, it faces a cystitis or pyelonephritis.But often there is an inflammation of the seminal vesicles - vesicles, or inflammation of the testicles and appendages - epididymo-orchitis.The end result of this process is infertility.All of the above concerns to chronic prostatitis.Now that you know what the prostate, which is a disease and how serious it is.So never tighten, just in time to check with the experts and not self-medicate.