How to stop uterine bleeding ?

How to stop uterine bleeding ?

uterine bleeding may occur against the background of many gynecological diseases, pathology of pregnancy or blood diseases.

uterine bleeding may occur during menstruation, and then change the character of menstrual bleeding (becomes abundant, there are clots) and / or its duration is prolonged.

addition uterine bleeding may occur in between normal menstrual periods.

of the number of lost blood uterine bleeding can be very scarce or abundant, which could lead to the development of shock and death of women.

Why is it important to consult a doctor

How to stop uterine bleeding correctly and in full, only the doctor knows.And in some cases, have to spend quite a complex examination to ascertain the causes of bleeding.Therefore, if you see that stand out from the vagina become blood and its origins (and the amount of bleeding) can not be explained next menstrual bleeding, then be sure to consult a doctor.

especially important to seek medical help in the development of abundant uterine bleeding.In this case, you should immediately call an ambulance and do not waste precious time trying to figure out how to stop uterine bleeding.As first aid can be put on the lower abdomen rubber hot water bottle or a plastic bottle filled with ice water or ice.

single way how to stop uterine bleeding, does not exist.This is primarily due to the cause of bleeding, blood loss, as well as the general state of health of the woman.

So if uterine bleeding caused by disorders of the blood coagulation system, to stop it requires the introduction of styptic.When bleeding against the backdrop of uterine fibroids uterus injected reducing agent and / or estrogenic hormones, while their inefficiency resorted to scraping the uterine cavity.To stop uterine bleeding, which arose in women can be by assigning them to androgens (male sex hormones) in premenopausal women (over 45 years).The same method is used stop uterine bleeding, and in patients with malignant cervical diseases.

Given all the above, it is not necessary in case of bleeding from the genital tract, instead of a visit to the doctor to ask a question on the forums: how to stop uterine bleeding ?.In response to your question, you get tips that will not only useless to you, but it can bring harm and, asYour online companion may not know why you have developed uterine bleeding.

Folk remedies

Traditional methods can also help stop uterine bleeding.Almost all of them are based on the use of medicinal plants has hemostatic (nettle, grass of water pepper, etc.) properties.Phytotherapy can be combined with conventional medicine, and its use allows you to stop uterine bleeding as soon as possible.Still, before you go to the drugstore and buy hemostatic grass, better consult with your doctor.