What is an erection ?

If we consider that such an erection from a scientific point of view it is - a complex neurovascular process.In other words, the erection - a hardening penis, its increase in volume in a state of sexual arousal in men or clitoris - females.

can identify such causes erections:

  1. spontaneous erection - an erection occurs when unconsciously, often during sleep.It is normal physiological phenomenon, which occurs in people of all ages, in addition, there is even the fetus in utero.In a healthy man or woman may be 5-6 times a night.In adolescents during puberty - a lot more often.Incidentally, an erection in males during sleep ensures that the penis will not be deprived of oxygen, since surging thereto, the blood, the penis provides power cells and thus ensures the normal operation.In the morning, many men have erection member, due to overflow of the bladder, seminal vesicles or the rectum.
  2. reflex erection - this is the response of the penis to the touch.With deliberate stimulation of the nerve endings of the penis, there is a signal transmission to the spinal cord.Provided Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessel walls, respectively, the corpus cavernosum in the penis.They are filled with blood, leading to an erection.If spontaneous erection may occur more frequently during sleep, while the reflex erection for normal sexual health - it's 24 hours a day at normal level of testosterone in the blood.
  3. psychogenic erection - is the above-described reaction of the genital organs, but at the thought of a sexual nature, or to stimulation of the senses, which are associated with sexual relations.There is already playing the role of the limbic system of the brain.

list the following stimuli that can cause an erection:

  • auditory stimuli: these include exciting speech or music, perhaps - a passionate breath;
  • smell: when a person excites the smell of perfume, hair, skin;
  • taste stimuli: it is possible to give examples of when the partner is excited by saliva taste genitals secretions, food;
  • touch - a different kind of touch, pressure, stroking, massage;
  • imagination - the possible sexual fantasies, dreams, or memories;
  • visual stimuli - a kind of sexual body, lingerie, naked man.

In humans, unlike animals, for an erection in the waking state must be the interaction of several factors.Thus, men are excited by the presence of visual or tactile stimuli combined with memories, dreams or fantasies.

It turns out that women are not so eager to respond to the mental effects, as men.Men can be excited is simply the type of female genital mutilation, but she rarely experience an erection of the penis type.

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