What is the best brand of refrigerator ?

What is the best brand of refrigerator ?

In order to determine the choice of the manufacturer of the refrigerator, you want to view statistics.And according to her, to conclude, how refrigerators men prefer the most.Analyzing is a refrigerator which company is better, the main thing is not to confuse the two concepts, such as be bought and popularity.The most popular are those products, which are widely advertised.They can be found in the media, seen on billboards or posters.And selling products - the ones preferred by buyers.And advertising at all to anything.They sell themselves.It is not strange, but one of the most frequently purchased items are refrigerators.Let us consider in this article what the best brand of refrigerator.Among the masters of refrigerator repair and sellers, there is an unofficial rating of the quality of household appliances.

Which company is best refrigerators

To understand this question, a brief description of the main parameters of the machinery.So, what firm to buy a refrigerator?

  • Atlant.Soviet firm refrigerators, manufactured by Minsk plant is reliable in operation.These refrigerators have excellent quality and that of their peers equate to western manufacturers, they are long.Pricing policy differs availability.As domestic manufacturers Biryusa Smolensk and, once again confirmed that domestic producers are no worse than Western.
  • Nord.Manufacturer - Donetsk plant "Elektrobytmash".In recent years, according to experts, they do not shine its former popularity due to frequent repairs and a significant percentage of defective units.
  • Stinol.It is believed the economy class.Often subjected to repair, through permanent malfunction.
  • LG.Available famous Korean brand.Refrigerators reliable.Are cheaper in comparison with European producers.If you opted for this model, then keep in mind that the Korean assembly differs better quality than the Chinese.
  • Samsung.Refrigerators are economy class.They are functional and affordable.Their elegant design combined with high technology.Samsung Refrigerators easy to fit into your home decor.You can select the classic refrigerator or the embedded unit in high-tech style.The manufacturer guarantees its products for 3 years.
  • Indesit.Manufactured in Italy.Easy to performing household tasks and in the democratic price.The most common refrigerators this company are considered dual chamber, single chamber, and recessed units.Indesit has a perfect quality and reasonable prices.It all depends on what Indesit refrigerators manufactured in Italy, and in our country, which significantly affects the pricing.
  • Candy.Country of origin - Italy.The design is very stylish, but they are expensive.
  • Liebherr.Refrigerators this company considered a leader in the production.Manufactured in Germany.The advantage of them to other companies, it's reliability and durability - they are able to work up to 25 years.Price of the road.
  • Bosch.High-quality German refrigerators.Differ Q and reliable performance.They have a modern design.This manufacturer produces a wide range of refrigerators, so any customer can find something that suits his taste.Whether embedded or portable refrigerator, small or large.Refrigerators this company in second place after the Liebherr refrigerators.
  • Electrolux.Fairly well-known Swedish brand refrigerator.Ranked third in the unofficial ranking after refrigerators Liebherr and Bosch.
  • Whirpool.Manufactured in Italy.The excellent quality of service, high-quality material, high technical achievements and to study the smallest detail make this company famous worldwide.By creating them, the producer thought of everything: mode of operation, appearance.
  • Toshiba.Refrigerators manufactures the famous Japanese company.Many models are distinguished by the presence of ionization, as well as air deodorization chambers.They are eco-friendly.There are even bezfrionovye units.
  • Gorenje.They are produced in Slovenia.The firm has worked well in our country.In refrigerators these firms are large freezers.All equipment that makes this firm, high quality and meets all international standards.
  • Sharp.Refrigerators are equipped with a "zone of preservation of freshness."This function is designed to long-term preservation of fresh products.The range of this company is quite wide: four-door refrigerators no vertical partition that allows you to store large products.And the built-in refrigerator door can be opened in either direction.
  • Ariston.Italian refrigerators European quality.They are available to any size, color and design that allows you to pick it up at your home decor.
  • Beko.Manufacturer - Turkey.Available not so long ago, but already quite popular.They have a good response and a low-cost pricing.
  • Zanussi.Functional, economical and practical refrigerator with a high workability.

We hope we have helped you to understand what brand to choose a refrigerator.