What is the clitoris ?

What is the clitoris ?

In our today's article will discuss the "king of sex" - that is how many people call the clitoris because it is one of the most important tools for women to orgasm.Now let's talk more about what a clitoris.

structure of the clitoris clitoris

called unpaired sexual organ, which is present in women and in female mammals.For most women, this is the most sensitive or, as they say, an erogenous zone.This is not surprising, since little clit is several times more nerve endings than the head of the penis.The clitoris is, incidentally, also has a head, on which there is a large number of these endings.Also at the head of the clitoris is also a body corpora cavernosa (two) and legs (also two).The visible part of the clitoris is the head, which is covered by the prepuce of the clitoris, also in sight.Foreskin, by the way, is better known under the name of the clitoral hood.But the skin fold, which connects the labia (their front ends) with the surface of the clitoris, the clitoris is called the frenulum.It can be seen, if slightly push the labia.As you can see, the structure of the clitoris in some way similar to the structure of the male body, which also has a head, bridle and foreskin.

Types clitoris

What is the clitoris, we have already found out, and now it's time to inform other interesting details.First of all, note that different women head has a different sensitivity and in some it is so sensitive that an active stimulation (eg, masturbation, cunnilingus) may even cause pain.And in appearance clit clit strife.Some women head barely visible from under the hood, and sometimes can be observed and a clitoris that looks like a large pea.By the way, the impressive size of the clitoris does not always indicates a high sensitivity of this body from its owner.While in some cultures the size of the clitoris is considered very important in assessing the beauty of women.For example, residents o.Paskhi prized big clits and tried to raise his girls, starting almost from childhood.In order to know better what are the clitoris, I advise you to use the search on the Internet.For example, type the query: "What is the clitoris photo" in Google or just "the clitoris photo" - will find a lot of interesting results.And the last thing you might be wondering about: scientists still have not identified any other function of the clitoris, in addition to the pleasure of sex.So proud title of "king of sex" the clitoris is on the right.