What a microwave is better?

What a microwave is better?

Modern hostess par with gas stove and oven put the microwave, because it has many advantages.Microwave is compact, easy to install and use, quickly heats food, much cheaper gas tiles, has many functions mode, you can take with you to the cottage.Furthermore, the microwave is high enough level to preserve vitamins products do not need to use oil.

can consider three types of microwave ovens:

  • Solo - the simplest and cheapest model, which can heat and defrost food;
  • oven with grill - has a solo function, but also makes it possible to bake the dish until golden brown;
  • with grill and convection - for the above functions added feature propekaniya dishes.

The idea is that the buyer, depending on the needs, he should evaluate what is best microwave, and choose to your liking.

When buying a microwave oven before you need to pay attention to its power (it can be from 700 W to 1250 W).You should know that the more power the microwave oven, the faster and better it works, but it is more than the electricity consumption.Then you need to pay attention to the manufacturer's mark, a guarantee for additional features and shape.

Microwaves almost all the same, are often the door with clear glass, a few buttons to control different colors: white, gray or black.The dimensions of the microwave a little different, as they can be installed in furniture or put separately.


microwaves Microwaves can be divided on such qualities:

  • distinguished by volume of the working chamber.If you need a microwave for one person, then its volume can be 8,5-15 liters.If we want to bake chicken or pan to contain the average height, you take the microwave 16-19 liters.The biggest microwave 36-45 liters.for a family of 5-6 people.
  • distinguished by type of grill:
    • of heaters - a microwave oven with the lowest price.Depending on the shape of the product of heaters grill may change its position, but it consumes a lot of electricity and occupies most of the volume of the chamber.
    • quartz - does not take place in the workspace, cost-effective electricity consumption, similar to cooking over an open fire.
  • management mind:
    • mechanical control - protects against accidental activation and easy to manage, but you can not program the process of working microwave.
    • touch control - allows you to program the cooking process.
    • push-button - has more protection against power surges, we can program the work process, but the downside is that the buttons are very soon may work against accidental contact.
  • by type of coating the inner walls of the working chamber:
    • enamel coating - the camera is easy with such a coating to keep clean, but it will stick grease and food debris.
    • coated stainless steel - durable and resistant coating, can withstand any temperature, but such coverage is more difficult to clean from pollution.
    • ceramic coating - smooth coating that makes it easy to clean it from the residues of food and fat, it does not remain scratches.

This knowledge can already help you decide so what better to buy a microwave oven for use.Select the most important characteristics and look after the microwave, which most will meet the stated requirements.

Additional features microwave

These additional capabilities can also help the buyer see what good use the microwave.These include:

  • defrost - microwave program allows you to set the time and power defrost the product;
  • Rotisserie - device for cooking meat, poultry, fish;
  • sensor pair - giving autonomy to control the microwave cooking process.

Manufacturers of microwave ovens lot.In order to properly choose a microwave oven, to evaluate its technical characteristics, to analyze microwave which company is better, we recommend you read the article "How to choose a microwave oven?".This will enable the correct choice of the buyer the best microwaves from the best manufacturers.