Impotence : symptoms

Erectile dysfunction (so called impotence) - this diagnosed men, if they have at least 25% of sex acts in recent years have been unsuccessful.Impotence in men, the symptoms of which in the initial stage are not evident, can be caused not only by physiological (diseases of various systems and age-related changes), but also psychological factors.

Here are a few causes of impotence in men of all ages:

  • Hormone (occurs when a lack of testosterone in the blood responsible for potency and sex drive);
  • Psychological (manifested mainly in adolescence);
  • Neurogenic (a consequence of serious previous diseases and conditions - stroke, heart attack, coma);
  • Vascular (occurs in diabetes, atherosclerosis).

By early warning signs include the following disorders:

  • weak erection.One of the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction is just a weak rigidity, manifested in insufficient hardness of the penis during sexual intercourse.Most often it is associated with vascular disorders, hormonal, neurogenic or another system.However, in some cases, place and have psychological problems.
  • inability of maintaining an erection.It manifests itself in premature ejaculation.In this release of seminal fluid occurs either immediately after the onset of sexual intercourse, or even to start.This is usually associated with vascular disorders.Cases of premature ejaculation on the basis of psychogenic factors are extremely rare.
  • lack of spontaneous erections.The presence of involuntary morning and nocturnal erections is one of the characteristics of a healthy reproductive system of men.Impotence, signs of which are the lack of erection, is a physiological nature.
  • Lack of adequate erection.This is the most expressive manifestation of dysfunction.Moreover, if an adequate erection is absent and stored spontaneous likely psychological disorder associated with the patient's problems.

Many men is psychologically difficult to accept the fact whether they have certain problems with potency, and even more to see a doctor about it.This is the main reason that sometimes trigger this disorder.This behavior is fundamentally wrong.Modern medicine has progressed far in the treatment of this disease.Thus it is necessary to realize that the sooner will be revealed early signs of impotence and begin treatment, the more effective it will be.