What is plasma better?

What is plasma better?

To determine which plasma is best for you, you should know a few basic things when choosing a plasma TV.First you need to understand that the term "plasma" refers to two different devices: plasma panel and plasma TV.The panel is a screen that does not have built-in TV tuner.A plasma TV contains all the characteristics that are inherent to the normal TV: it is capable of receiving TV programs, and play sound.In order to make the right purchase, you should know the basic characteristics of the device.


This feature plasma TVs comes first.According to this indicator, the plasma is conventionally divided into 3 categories: - the size of the diagonal is less than 40 inches - the size of the diagonal 41-49 inches - diagonal size of 50 inches or more.The most popular plasma of the second category.The main part of the popular manufacturers work just in this segment.This is due to the fact that small-format or large-format plasma contrary users need only rarely.It should be noted that for the most popular 42-inch diagonal optimal viewing distance is 3 meters, but for 50-inch - 4 meters, and so on increasing.Therefore, if you want a plasma exclusively for home viewing, you should give preference to the second category of the diagonals.

Contrast and brightness

This is the next important point.The value of brightness of the plasma lies in the range of 450-500 cd / sq.m. For it is in relation to the low-cost 42-bit and 50-inch plasma TVs.The more advanced models of this figure is much higher at 1400-1500 cd / m².However, these parameters should not be overestimated, as the methodology for determining the brightness and contrast nestandartizirovanny.And this in turn does not allow you to compare the actual values.If you pay attention to the characteristics of a plasma model, then it can only see the peak, or maximum possible contrast and brightness performance.


Resolution Thinking what plasma is better to buy, you should pay special attention to this indicator.It has a direct impact on the number of pixels on the screen, which means that the clarity and "texture" of the image.So, for a diagonal equal to 42 inches resolution is 852 x 480 pixels.This applies to low-cost models.And for more advanced versions the figure is already of 1024 x 768 pixels.But it is also worth noting that even with a large resolution picture may not always appear perfect.Therefore, even a small plasma TV can display an excellent image quality.In this case, the store's shelves can be seen that the plasma with higher resolution can be cheaper than plasma at a lower resolution and the same diagonal.

imaging method

Particular attention should be paid to the method of forming an image when buying a plasma wide screen.In total there are 2 main methods of imaging: progressive and interlaced.Thus, the latter is used in traditional CRT televisions, and progressive, in turn, involves the formation of the screen panel or the TV of the video, in which all the lines of a picture are transmitted one after another.Such apparatus is capable of reproducing the frame lines twice, which means that the image becomes clearer, and the flickering effect disappears and the effects of jitter horizontal lines.

Additional differences

Analyzing how to choose a plasma TV, it should be noted that in addition to the above-described characteristics of the plasma are different from each other by a number of additional features and functions.For example, the presence of a special anti-static coating that protects the plasma TV from electrostatic discharge, attracting dust.In addition, it can be present anti-reflective coating designed to reduce reflection from the glass surface of the plasma ambient light.


Ports and connectors are also an important parameter, since from them depends the list of devices that may be connected to a plasma television or panel.The first step is to pay attention to the presence of the port for use with a personal computer, the ability to connect speakers, etc.It should be noted that to ensure the best quality of audio and video signals can be the presence of the SCART connector with a fast switching signal and conclusions involved RGB or S-Video jack with separate chrominance signals and luminance.

output image

By the way, if you decide to buy a plasma TV, then a significant advantage can be to have him not one but two tuners.This in turn will make it possible to take full advantage of such features as "picture in picture".However, if important to you is not television itself, and the quality of its images, you should pay attention to models with proprietary image processing technology.


Also, in some cases, it may be important if there are any accessories in a particular model.For example, you may want or need to buy a plasma TV to your extra speakers or wall mount.Therefore, it is desirable to advance to find out which accessories can go to the chosen model of plasma and should definitely ask about their quality.In addition, when buying a plasma television can play a decisive role, and the color of his body.Currently, stores mainly offer plasma black, white and silver shades, but you can find a TV of any other color you need.


It has become very popular to use in TVs or mobile desktop operating systems because the processors are integrated in them, have sufficient processing power.It is thanks to the built-in OS on TV a lot of interesting and necessary services can be implemented.For example, the new "smart TV" can be connected to the internet broadcast online videos and even work with Skype.

But the use of these techniques significantly increases the cost of the cost of the plasma.So, if you just want to watch movies, and enjoy a clear picture, then you no sense to overpay for the extra functionality.

Now you are familiar with all the advantages of plasma TVs and will be able to find out for yourself what the plasma is better!