What is the sexual organ ?

What is the sexual organ ?

Many people who want to learn more about the structure of the body, often administered in a search engine question: what is the sexual organ.We will try to give a detailed answer to this question, let us consider the general structure of male and female sexual organs.

sexual organs - the human reproductive organs.It is for them is determined by the child belonging to a male or female.

sexual organs divided into internal and external.

structure of the genital organs of women

Female sexual organ performs the reproductive system of women funktsiyu.Polovaya presented external and internal sex organs.To the outside are pubis, small and large labia, vestibule, prostate and bulb of the vestibule, clitoris.

External genitals are located in the front part of the perineum in the urogenital triangle.From the top of the stomach is removed pubis pubic groove, separated from the hips the hip grooves.Large labia and pubic area covered with hair.

large labia restrict sex gap on the sides.In between are labia lips.His front ends of labia cover the clitoris, the clitoris form the bridle.The rear ends of the labia minora form a bridle.Between the small labia is the vestibule.It is located vaginal orifice and urethra.The clitoris has a fibrous sheath.It is covered with leather, which has a large number of sensory receptors.

internal reproductive organs women are the ovaries, epididymis, uterus with fallopian tubes, vagina.

Ovary is the pair of female reproductive glands.It is located in the pelvic area.Ovary ovoid shape, have a lot of 5-8g.It is fixed on both sides of the uterus with the help of the mesentery, suspensory ligaments and private.The ovary has two surfaces: medial and lateral.There are in the ovary the upper end of the tube and the lower mother.Upper rotated in the direction of the fallopian tube, attached to it is the largest fringe of the fallopian tube.Lower - connects the uterus with the help of their own ovarian ligament.

uterus - is unpaired hollow organ located pelvic cavity between the bladder and the rectum.It carried the embryo development and childbearing.The uterus neck distinguish middle and bottom of the division.Place the transition body of the uterus into the cervix of the uterus called the isthmus.The uterus has front and rear surfaces.In the uterus secrete two surfaces: the front and back of cystic intestinal.

uterine wall has three layers:

  1. surface - perimeter;
  2. medium - myometrium;
  3. internal - the endometrium.

around the cervix under the peritoneum is parauterine fiber - parameters.

fallopian tubes - a pair tubular organ through which the egg travels from the ovary to the uterus.Fallopian tube has a length of 10-12 cm and a diameter of 2-4 mm.It is isolated funnel ampoule, and the mother of the isthmus.

wall of the fallopian tube is represented by the mucous, muscular and serous membranes.

Vagina - unpaired hollow body shaped tube 8-10 cm long Its upper end covers the cervix and the lower open on the eve of the opening of the vagina, which have closed hymen virgins..The front and rear wall bows vaginal part of the cervix to form around her vaginal vault.

Skins vaginal wall:

  1. outdoor - adventitia;
  2. average - muscle;
  3. interior - mucosa.

structure of the male genitalia

male sexual organ, as well as female, performs repoduktivnuyu Functions.men divided into internal and external sex organs reproductive system.

to the outer genitals are male scrotum and penis.

penis has a base, shaft and head.The two cavernous and spongy bodies form the trunk of the penis, which ends in the head.The head is covered with soft skin, which contains a large number of glands producing smegma.The body and head of the penis is a lot of gaps.When excited, they are filled with blood.At the head is a hole through which the men carried out the emission of semen and the process of urination.

in the scrotum are testicles with appendages, and the front part of the spermatic cord.

internal male sex organs are presented testicles with appendages, ejaculatory paths, prostate, bulbourethral gland and seminal vesicles.

testes are paired gonads.Their function - is the formation of sperm and male sex hormones.On Waterways ejaculatory sperm through wavelike contractions derived from the testis enters the common ejaculatory duct and then into the urethra.The spermatic cord serves as a blood supply to the testicles and sperm from the epididymis to the elimination vas deferens.The seminal vesicles secrete a secret that is part of semen.This secret is the source for sperm energy.

prostate gland located between the rectum and bladder.It produces prostatic juice, which provides the mobility of sperm.

For a good example, you can see pictures of genitals.If you have a desire to see the genitals, a photo can be found in a textbook on anatomy or on the Internet.