How to restore the potency ?

How to restore the potency ?

Over time, almost every man can lose their sexual potency, which is called potency.The disease can occur in males after they reach 35-years anniversary (sometimes earlier).Problems of this nature arise because of genetic predisposition, and sometimes because of the effects of radiation or bad environment.

Thinking how to restore potency, many men seek medical professional help, and who is using traditional methods.Consider both treatments.

medicines Treatment

restore male potency drugs, you can use the procedures that are aimed at removing the causes of the problem and the return of male power to the initial level.

Drug treatment methods there are many, but one universal method still does not exist.Its power arises from the lack of testosterone.Restore this hormone in two ways:

  • replacement therapy (various gels, ointments, and injections);
  • stimulation therapy (start the natural mechanism of hormone production).

of drugs contribute to the improvement in the genital blood flow.Also used and physiotherapy: used devices operating on the pulse currents, they improve the metabolism and increase the production of testosterone and sperm.

Traditional medicine

restore potency as possible at home.Feel the change in the positive direction is possible even after the application of some effective recipes of traditional medicine.For example, you can try to eat walnuts and goat's milk.On the day you need to eat one cup of shelled walnuts, for two or three divided doses before meals.Chewing nuts, all you need to drink goat's milk.This procedure is carried out for 30 days on a daily basis.

But how to restore the potency of folk remedies, without applying any products with the food?In this case, you can make a relaxing and therapeutic baths, which can consist of infusions flowers chamomile and bay leaf.This bath should be taken regularly at bedtime for 20 minutes.Each of the infusions should be prepared separately by pouring boiling water over the plant and insisting for one hour.The number of infusions depends on the size of the bathroom.For example, if the bath has a capacity of 100 to 150 liters of water, then each infusion volume should be two to three liters.

combining several types of treatment, it is possible to achieve a better result.But be that as it may, it is important to not forget the help of professionals.

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