What is the best curling iron ?

What is the best curling iron ?

Today, we have a bunch of beauties ways to emphasize their attractive appearance.They can be painted, a haircut or just a haircut, depending on the mood.To become beautiful kucheryashkoy, you must have a special tool called curling.In today's market technology, providing a wide range of ploek, they can be confusing, so she often asks about what is best curling.Let's try to sort out all the variety ploek and how do they differ from each other.

Selection Criteria ploek

First of all, it is worth noting that all the curling can be divided into professional and consumer.If you do not have anything to do with the art of hairdressing, it is desirable to get you a simple curling.It should be rather primitive in the management.Professional devices for hair styling are quite complex to manage and expensive.But the most important advantage of such ploek - is that they can work for a long time.They are more durable and undemanding in storage.Let us continue the study of how to choose a curling iron.

The second thing you should look for when choosing a curling - it's covering its surface.Curling of the metal are the cheapest, but the hair they are very harmful, because the bare metal damages the hair structure.So, if you buy a curling iron to use it every day, it is advisable to choose a model with a ceramic coating.Specially developed ceramic material cares for the hair, because there the heat is distributed evenly over the surface.Modern manufacturers annually develop more and more new ways to minimize the harmful effects on the hair.Also, some curling have this additional function, the ionization.With it, the hair, after ion saturation, remain strong and sturdy for a long time.The process of stacking not only does not damage the hair, but also imbues them with vitamins.In addition, some models have ploek function of evaporation, keeps hair in its original form for a long time.It can also happen that some models ploek work surface covered with a thin layer of silver, rendering hair antibacterial effect.

Before you decide how to choose a hair curling iron, you must understand that it is not completely safe hair styling will never happen.Regardless of how the coating on the surface of curling, you have to opt for those models that have thermoregulation.Since all women are different types of hair, each installation requires a special thermal regime, which is why, curling irons should have a few extra features.In order to understand how to choose curling iron, you need to know the structure of your hair and choose the right care for them.Also curling differ from each other in shape and working elements.

Today at electronics stores you will not find the classic Soviet curling as they were replaced by more modern ironing.These are the same curling, but with many of the functions: they can be used as a hair curler, and for their rectification.To more fully understand the fact that a hair iron and how to select it, you can read the article "How to choose a hair iron?".

When choosing a curling iron is necessary, first of all, to be guided by how it will be used in the future.More often, special nozzles are enclosed in the kit to curling, which can then be used for various purposes.So we looked at how to choose a curling iron, and the need to guide the choice of the subject of ladies' toilet.Best is a curling iron with ceramic coating, which does not disturb the structure of hair.