What is the best juicer ?

What is the best juicer ?

With the onset of summer, many are beginning to think over what is best to buy a juicer.the shops offer a huge selection of the "unit", so decide which juicer to buy is not so simple.Let's see what the best juicer.

Select the type of juicer

baits First, you must decide with what juice you need.If citrus, it is best to purchase a special juicer specifically for citrus.They are cheaper generic, smaller, lighter and more reliable.In this type of capacity juice extractors - from the glass and up to one liter.It is necessary to pay attention to the nose, through it should be easy to pour the finished juice.Some juicers Citrus can squeeze the juice directly into the glass, which is very convenient because it is not necessary to pour the juice from one container to another.Well, if the juicer is equipped with a reverse mode.It helps to extract all the juice from the fruit, to the last drop.Presence in the complete set of different size nozzles, juicer also puts a big plus.With them, it will be convenient to extract juice from fruits of different size.If, however, limited to some citrus, you're not going, then you have to pay attention to the universal juicer.This attention to detail device can squeeze the juice from almost anything.Learn exactly from which fruit and vegetable juicer is capable of concrete squeeze out the juice, you can in the instructions.With regard to the centrifugal juicers, their mode of action is much harder.The fruit is crushed fruit or vegetable grater, then a high-speed centrifuge juice separated from the pulp.Thereafter, the juice falls into the tank, and the pulp is deposited in turn on the separator conical or cylindrical shape.Select the type of


Highlighting the theme of what a good juicer, you should note that the model of a cylindrical cage always squeeze the juice is very high quality, so that cake is almost dry.In the process it must be self-extracting.If this process does not inspire you, you should select the tapered separator.In this case, unnecessary remnants themselves will fall into a special container, but the juice yield will be much less.Trying to choose a juicer power and spin speed you need to be extremely careful.Of course, what they is, the more juice will squeeze, but unscrupulous manufacturers know that consumers love numbers, especially inflated figures indicate.

Do not forget about the manufacturer

deciding what is the best juicer, highlight such products as Moulinex.It produces a huge variety of classic-type centrifuges for processing both hard and soft types of fruit.Most of them have a direct supply of juice in a special container having a skimmer.In addition, there is also a drip system.If you want to process the entire apples, you should choose a model with a wide round neck.Great demand for juicers such products as Bork.Its latest models are equipped with a small display that displays unit operation.We should pay particular attention to the domestic producers of juicers.They did not much inferior to import, and are much cheaper and have better performance.In the construction of domestic juicer is not used a material such as titanium.If you are thinking, what is best for carrot juicer, you can safely choose any machine manufacturer called "Zhuravinka".These juicers are considered the best for gardeners, because in addition to its direct function, which is squeezing the juice, they can perfectly cope with the shredder fruits and vegetables, as well as able to grind them into a puree.

Another important parameter, which is worth paying attention to is the engine power juicer.The larger it is, the faster you will be able to process a larger volume of vegetables or fruit.

For home use, in the absence of a large family, it is necessary to look at the small and low-power models.So you can save a lot of money and buy a useful thing.