How to restore your virginity?

How to restore your virginity?

hymen looks like the folds of mucous membrane, which, like the membrane surrounds the entire vagina.She plays the role of an additional barrier to infection on the way to the body of the girl and saved it to the first sexual intercourse.Defloration - a rupture of the hymen, usually accompanied by pain and the release of a small amount of blood.And now, in our day, many girls are interested in the question of how to restore virginity, because some of the girls who have already had sexual experience, are afraid of being convicted future husband for corruption and are looking for ways of how to restore innocence.

Can I restore virginity

At the moment, there are several ways how to restore the girl's innocence.The process of restoration of the hymen is performed in almost all gynecological clinics.I must say that this is not a true restoration of a natural material, but only artificially recreates the barrier at the entrance to the vagina.Break restored hymen entails the same symptoms as a result of natural primary defloration - the blood is released, and feelings can be even more painful than the very first time.

method, how to restore virginity

Return virginity is possible only surgically.Plastic surgery to restore virginity Hymenoplasty called.There are two types of operation.Depending on how deep was restoration operation may be the result of short-term or long-term.

In order to restore the hymen to 7-14 days, the doctor will need only 30 minutes.In the course of this procedure is almost painless stitching torn hymen membrane and, accordingly, its restoration by, so to speak, the old trail.Because the operation is carried out using bioresorbable thread and scraps of hymen does not have regenerative abilities, after their "disappearance" of the shell will break again.Repair the hymen long term is possible with the help of plastic surgery, which is merging mucus-layer vaginal epithelium.This type of reconstruction surgery is used in cases where the torn envelope from the first defloration are not available, or when you want to restore the hymen on the very long term.Since in the course of this operation is involved in cross-linking of the vaginal mucosa, the process can be very painful.Therefore, it is often used of general anesthesia.By the time the operation lasts about an hour.

How to restore virginity without surgery

Unfortunately, the methods of restoration of virginity, except for the use of bioresorbable yarns and needles, not exist.Since it remains of a torn look like patches on vaginal mucosa circle, their self-fusion impossible.