What a good multivarka ?

What a good multivarka ?

rhythm of modern life implies a speed.Already I do not want to spend so much time preparing food, especially after work.After "working in the kitchen", it is desirable to spend time with friends and family (who, what lives).And do not go to bed for lack of time on other activities.

information is now delivered in a big way, and still not know everything about this helper in the kitchen - like multivarka.

multivarka - it

Modern home kitchen appliance - that's what multivarka.It prepares a varied number of dishes in automatic mode.This appliance saves time staying in the kitchen.Sometimes it can free you from this, since multivarok has a function as "deferred old."You are laying in her products, and expose the right time.The finished dish will be prepared in due time.

Thanks to this device, you can cook a huge amount of food.That crumbly rice, which is in the home and it is very difficult to cook without proved.Can you please yourself all sorts of casseroles, and as multivarok bowl or have a ceramic non-stick coating, then you ruin a dish, almost without fail.A variety of breakfast cereals will delight your stomach every day.

question arises: What a good multivarka?We'll figure out!

multivarku Which is better to buy

There are several aspects.Such devices differ from one another capacity, price, volume bowls and certain additional functions.

For example, if you have a yogurt, then buy multivarku with this feature is probably not worth it.Exactly the same assumption can be made about and that you have a bread machine in the farm.

multivarka Which is the best?Probably the one that combines a reasonable price and good quality.

multivarka what firm is better

firms that are on the market the products under the name "multivarka" very much.To say which one is better or worse than difficult.Each buyer preferences, and it's not just the price.Someone trusted name brands, such as, «Panasonic», «Moulinex», «Philips» «Kenwood», «Cuckoo».Others opt for more fuel-efficient models, for example, «Saturn», «Daewoo», «Scarlett».In a good company multivarka?Here you can appreciate several models for comparison:

  • PANASONIC SR-TMH18 - $ 220, 670W, volume 4.5 liter bowl.6 cooking programs (friable porridge, milk, rice, baking, braising, steaming), steam valve, an LCD display, the delay of 12 hours.
  • CUCKOO CMC-HE1054F - $ 415, 1400 W, 4.1 liters volume bowls, marble coating, induction heater, a container for condensate drain program (cooking / turbo, steaming, roasting).
  • SATURN ST-MC9180 - $ 66, 900 W, 5-liter bowl, the program: (cooker, porridge, soup, baking, braising, roasting, heating), 3D, LCD display.
  • SCARLETT SC-410 - $ 49, 700 W, volume 4 liter bowl, the program: (porridge, soup, stewing, steamer), a valve for steam, LCD display.
  • MOULINEX MK302E30 - $ 138, 630 BT, bowl 4.5 liters, the program: (rice, oatmeal, baking, stewing, steamed), preparation of the delay.
  • PANASONIC SR-DF101 - $ 96 bowl of 2.5 liters, the program: (porridge, soup, baked, steamed), touch-sensitive controls.Heating.
  • MOULINEX CE7011 - $ 279, 1200 W, 6-liter bowl, the program: (50zaprogramirovannyh recipes, 40 of these 11 minute, remembers the recipes, quick cooking), heating, cooking postponement.
  • PHILIPS HD 3036/03 - $ 119, 980 BT, 4 liter bowl, a delay of up to 24 hours memory function when power failure, the program: (cereals, rice, stew, fry, bake, steam, cooking yogurt), 22heat settings, removable valve for steam.

multivarku What is better to choose

All the pros and cons were discussed.The choice is only for you, so it depends on your preference and your wallet.Good luck in acquiring necessary for you Multivarki.And Bon Appetit!