How to increase potency?

How to increase potency?

Unfortunately, the middle age men suffer from potency disorder.But at any age, a healthy sex life and an active state of the penis in men are in the first place.In disorders of these functions often suffers and the mind.In this article, we'll show you how to raise the potency.

Raise the potency at home

  1. You must train yourself to an active lifestyle.Choose for yourself: will this morning exercises, jogging or going to the gym.
  2. important to give up bad habits: such as smoking and alcohol.
  3. very important to give the body a rest.Review your schedule, you might want to take an extra day off or go on vacation.
  4. Pay attention to proper nutrition.The food should contain all the necessary nutrients for potency, such as zinc, selenium and various vitamins.Include in your diet seafood, meat, and eggs.
  5. Eat more nuts, seeds and legumes.
  6. Do not forget the fresh herbs, parsley and celery stimulates potency.
  7. salad vegetables with vegetable oil is a natural source of a whole range of vitamins and a good tool for the rapid increase in potency.
  8. Do special exercises to increase potency.They aim to increase the blood circulation in the pelvic organs and muscle training.
  9. Train vessels of the penis contrast bath.For this procedure, take the two basin, one with cold or tepid water, the second hot.One by one, take each basin for half a minute, since hot.Time 15 minutes.The general course of at least two weeks.
  10. Give sleep at least eight hours.
  11. Avoid stress and emotions.

How to increase the potency of using folk remedies

  1. effective means to increase potency is the tincture of ginseng or Eleutherococcus.On the first day of admission is necessary in a glass of water add one drop of tincture, further increases drop per day.The whole course lasts 28 days.Contraindicated in people with hypertension and severe heart disease.
  2. If a violation of potency associated with chronic fatigue, take a relaxing bath with bay leaf.Boil the leaves in boiling water and add to the bath.Bay leaves can be replaced with a camomile.Take a bath before going to bed at least 15 minutes.
  3. is popular in the treatment of potency decoction of herbs Dubrovnik.Boil five tablespoons of dried plants in boiling water and leave for 45 minutes.Take two weeks 3-4 times with 60 ml.
  4. You can also try a decoction of calamus.Pour cup of boiling water 20 grams of crushed roots and leave for about 8 hours.Three times a day for 15 minutes before a meal, take a decoction of 30 ml.
  5. Male ailment can be treated with nettle.Crush the seeds of nettles, and mix with a glass of wine and add a spoonful of honey.Take 30 minutes before bedtime.
  6. To increase the potency quickly, drink organic coffee.But do not abuse the data of beverage cups a day is enough.

addition to traditional medicine, you can use and the traditional.But neither do the treatment on their own, be sure to sign up to a specialist and take only the medications given by your doctor.

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