What hood is better?

What hood is better?

Hoods offered in the domestic market can be divided into several categories, depending on the power, noise, design, method of operation and other parameters.The most important thing when buying the equipment for cleaning the air in kitchens, not to make a mistake with his choice not to buy too noisy extractor for a small kitchen or choose the hood with a small capacity to a large kitchen.Which drawing best design?The question is important, because the modern kitchen is a room, done in the same style.Therefore, all furniture items, including the hood and should be compiled into one style.


By design drawing are divided into five types: classic, island, recessed, corner and decoration.The latter type is the most common extracts.Decorative hoods are presented, both domestic and foreign manufacturers.Their capacity can reach 1,000 cubic meters / hour.The most expensive are the island hoods, which are attached to the ceiling structure, they have more power and more often used in country houses.Flat or classic hood does not have high technical parameters, so its cost is low.In recent years become popular embedded and angular hood.Recessed hoods are good that one of them is built in the kitchen furniture, and, in principle, such a hood looks perfectly in the overall concept of the kitchen facilities.The main advantage of a corner hoods - it can be installed in a corner.Such extracts good use for small kitchens.


Before we talk about what a good extractor fan over all its qualities, it is necessary to calculate the drawing power that will effectively clean the air in your kitchen.The calculations need to know the height, length and width of the room.Multiplying these values, you must multiply the sum by 12 and add 15%.The figure "12" in this case is a quantitative indicator of air renewal in the kitchen for 1 hour, and 15% - is the channel resistance of ventilation.If the hood is mounted on the pipe, it should be added by 10% for each pipe bend.For example, when the kitchen 5h4h2,7 parameters, drawing power installed must be not less than 745 m3 / h, provided that no exhaust pipe bends.This calculation is characteristic of the extracts, which are connected to the air ducts.

But today, manufacturers offer hoods with recirculation, in which are installed charcoal filters.These extracts work on the principle of purification of contaminated air through a charcoal filter and throwing it back into the kitchen.The power of such extracts should be 30% more than usual.That is, for the above food options, power hood with air recirculation is 745 + 30% = 968.5 m3 / h.recommended to buy the island hoods or any other, the power of which is not less than 600 cubic meters / hour for private homes.

size and cost

With regard to the size of the hood, they must be identical to the size of a gas cooker or hob.Ideally, choosing what hood is better to buy the size, buy the analogue, which will protrude slightly beyond the plate.Then your hood will be able to absorb the entire amount of steam and other substances released when cooking food.

If we consider the cost of extraction, it can range from 1500 to 90 000 rubles.The most expensive extraction - is the island, and the cheapest counterparts - decorative and flat hood.In the case where you do not have enough money to buy a good hood, with the power needed for cleaning your kitchen, do not buy cheap hood.It is better to wait a bit and buy a really good hood, as cheaper options you are not satisfied with the quality and in most cases, after a few months of work, they lose their ability to function.

speed, filters and lighting

Traditionally, extracts manufacturers offer three-speed counterparts.But you can pick up a good hood with five or more speeds.The minimum speed is intended only to maintain the air in the kitchen clean.Get rid of bad smells will allow the maximum speed of the drawing.

most advanced drawing features to the consumer with neon or halogen bulbs, but are considered to be traditional incandescent bulbs, 20-40 Watt.In the presence of more powerful lamps, you create the work area good Illuminability that allows you to use all the functions of the kitchen hood.

In most cases, coarse filters are the only components that comprise the hood for the kitchen.What is the best extractor hood - with carbon filters or strainers?The fact that these two types of filters perform various functions.Carbon filters are replaceable consumable, which purify the air of fine particles of fat and smoke, the smell.Filters are coarse mesh made of synthetic material or metal.After some time, the use of exhaust filters are removed and washed, and then re-installed.So you decide to purchase the hood with any filter.


If you want to know which company is better exhaust, it is necessary to identify the circle of manufacturers supplying the domestic market their hoods.Consumer confidence for many years enjoyed drawing the German manufacturer, the company BOSH, firms Gaggenau and Miele, Siemens and Kuppersbusch.Of course, the cost of production data producers is in the highest price category, but buying such equipment, you can be sure of its reliability and efficiency.