How are labia ?

Every girl carries a lot of secrets that attract men.But there are also puzzles that want to solve, and the girls themselves.Often they are given such a question: how to look labia?It is necessary to understand in more detail in this issue.

large and small labia

Immediately it should be noted that the labia are large and small.By the visible include the labia majora, which look like two skin folds.They are distributed from top to bottom, from the pubis to the anus.Covered with large labia scalp.Most often, women are concerned appearance of the labia minora, which are located within large, so they are difficult to see.They also are skin folds that are parallel large labia.On the labia lips no hair.

shape, size and color

Women are unique - this fact should be taken into account when considering such parameters as shape, color and size of the labia minora.Women's labia are: smooth, jagged, short, long, thin, thick, and wrinkled slabosmorschennymi.Moreover, all these forms are normal medically.Such is the nature of women - in all manifested originality.

Dimensions skin folds and all women are different.Certain standard considered normal length of 5 cm at the lateral traction.If the length is more than 5 centimeters, then think long labia.

With color, too, is not so simple.The color at each person, so and the color of the labia minora is difficult to compare with any standard color.It all depends on pigmentation.More than once already noticed that the lips on the face of the girls are not always pink.They can be red, brown.Also, the color of the labia minora - each has his own.

So should look like labia?Definitely answer to this question is impossible.Only certain factors or symptoms can aid in the identification of pathology or disease.

pathology, disease or norm

Quite often, women tend to think that long unbalanced lip - is a kind of pathology.This is not entirely correct judgment.The human body itself is not symmetrical, and therefore also the labia may not be perfectly symmetrical.A elongated labia are recognized as a defect, but certainly not of pathology.To solve this problem can be intimate with the help of surgery.

need to beat anxiety with pain, itching, or swelling in the area of ​​the labia majora.The diseases that can attack the sensitive area very much.This may be vulvovaginitis (inflammation), and candidiasis (burning and itching), and vulvodynia (burning and discomfort), and Bartolini (swelling and pain).

whether age at the labia

Affects How are the labia in women of different ages?With age, the labia are also changed.In young girls is the development and formation of the labia.The girlish age comes a phase of "disclosure of the flower" - the lips acquire their unique shape and size.After birth or adulthood may atrophy of the labia.

Surprisingly, the labia may look completely different, but at the same time to remain healthy.It is only necessary to recall that any discomfort in this area should not be ignored.Immediately necessary to see a specialist.