Can you jam nursing ?

Can you jam nursing ?

Mama that feeds baby feeding, very careful in the choice of food.And rightly so, because of what it eats, it depends on the state of health remains.But to eat properly - not to eat monotonous.Offer to find out whether such a dessert as the nursing jam.

jam in the diet of lactating

Jam made of fruits and berries, sometimes vegetables (pumpkin and zucchini).Since these gifts of nature are heat treatment, they are not as dangerous on the subject of allergic reactions.However, to completely rule out such a possibility can not be.Therefore, use the jam nursing mother, of course, possible, but only under certain guidelines.

  1. As a first test choose the jam of fruits and berries are not bright colors.This can be gooseberries, apples, pears, white currants and so on. N.
  2. not to experiment with these kinds of jam, a strawberry, strawberry, raspberry, plum, blueberry, cherry, since they are made from the bright berries and are more likely to provokeallergy.
  3. For the first dose is enough for one or two spoonfuls of jam.It is important to closely monitor the reaction of the child.If a rash, the sweet dessert should be deleted after use jam mum on baby's body.

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Eat jam right

prevent unwanted allergic reactions possible, if you act in a certain pattern.

  1. first, as has been said, applied desserts pale berries and fruits.
  2. If there is a favorable response to the safer types of jams, be small doses include raspberry dessert, cherries, plums, strawberries, and so on. N.
  3. If acquaintance passed without consequences, you can treat yourself to a "jam-five-minute", considered the most dangerousin terms of allergy due to the high conservation of the active ingredients therein.

If a nursing mother wants to jam, does not necessarily have its spoons, you can make sandwiches, or add it into cakes.

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