What are the showers better?

What are the showers better?

becoming increasingly popular installation in the flat showers.Before conventional baths have a number of advantages.But in order to please you buy, you must know what is best to buy a shower.

first selection criterion - the price.It should be immediately clear that there is no low prices and high quality.Therefore, do not choose the shower, on the basis of the lowest cost.This product will be of poor quality materials and, therefore, does not serve you for a long time.High prices for showers, the best manufacturers - all this together is a guarantee of quality and durability of the device.

So, buy a good shower is not easy.It can combine the functions of the bath or hot tub, have a different leaf and pan.Shower cabin can be made of different materials.How not to get lost in this abundance of goods?

shower with a steam generator

Many foreign companies such as Spanish, Finnish, Swiss, Italian, German, offer a shower with sauna function.For this purpose it must be equipped with a steam generator.Of course, this does not make it to the cabin a genuine Finnish sauna.If the bath is usually the air is heated to 80 degrees Celsius, then under the shower stall can be a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.The disadvantage of these models is that they are made of plastic.It heats up quickly, and therefore there is a risk of burns.

course, this bath shower does not replace, but the use of it is still there.Your health is good warming impact, and it is useful in winter.When you come all chilled to the bone, I want to warm up faster.A warm bath is still to be filled, and the water cools rapidly, but the shower with a steam generator better help in this matter.

best showers of the company in addition to "Sauna" function adds the capability to do inhalation and aromatherapy.Thus, it is possible to conduct and beauty and spa treatments.For women it is especially will like.

When choosing a shower with a steam generator is necessary to pay attention to the presence of the fan.It ensures proper air circulation.With it, there is a uniform heating of the cabin.Without fan steam will rise up, and then in the head will be hot air, and at the feet - cold.


Shower can be a "massage" function.Depending on the model number of different massage modes.They are easy to find before buying.For this purpose, it is necessary to count the shower nozzle.This hole, which are arranged on the walls of the booth.As a rule, they are arranged in two rows.

best showers are equipped with not only a massage for the sides and back, but also to the neck and shoulders.Depending on the water pressure forces created by different effects.The ideal option - it is free to rotate the nozzle.So you can create your desired massage.Better yet, the presence of the possibility to regulate the pressure of the jet.

Chasing buyers manufacturers showers invent new modes of massage.For example, you can create a waterfall, and once you come down a lot of water.There are models, and with the function of a contrast shower.Then you pour alternately hot and cold water.

Great choice

To understand what is better showers, need to know their basic differences.

  • cabin itself is made of plastic, and the sash - glass.All of them are safe and durable, break them is not possible.The standard of quality plastic products considered by German manufacturers.The cabin is made of such material, it will last you for twenty years.
  • is important to take into account the size of the cabin.Experts call the most optimal ratio of height and width of 80 to 80. When the soul is not a person in one place, and so he needs space.Of course, the larger the cabinet, the better.It all depends on the area of ​​the bathroom.
  • Good pallet in showers - the key to long life.It must be made of good quality material, and and securely fastened.This time you need to pay special attention, if the floor is made of acrylic.it is often a reinforced frame and held in place only at the perimeter.Note that the negative acrylic trays is that they can not withstand the weight of a person.
  • When buying a shower enclosure with a "massage" need to know if there is enough in your home water pressure.This information can be easily found in ZhEKe and in the management company.If the result is disappointing, you makes no sense to take a multi-function shower.After all, in any case it is impossible to massage will hold.
  • to the category of useful but optional features include water purification.This will extend the work of cabin equipment.Also questionable utility is the presence of phone, radio, and even a mirror in the cockpit.
  • When choosing a shower enclosure with a "steam generator" should pay attention to the convenience of seating.If for you it will be low or too high, too deep or small, you will be uncomfortable to sit.

What are the showers are good for you, it's only you define, since each person individual needs and, accordingly, different requests for a set of functions and the quality of the cabin.Definitely worth only select trusted manufacturers that have proved themselves in the market.Do not rush with the choice, study the whole range provided.Also, get ready for what will have to carry out repairs in the bathroom.