How to grow a penis?

Usually, puberty begins in boys at 10-12 years.At this age, the future of men observed increase in the rate of growth of genitals.Additionally, they change the voice, develop the foreskin of the penis, there are hairs on the face and body.Puberty lasts, on average, up to 18-22 years.

What grows

member average teenager of 12 years, has a penis 5 ± 1 cm at rest and 10 cm - in the excited.During the year, these figures vary by 1 and 3 cm, respectively.For 18 years the rate of growth of the body is gradually reduced.As a result, to adulthood a male has a penis 10 ± 1,5 cm at rest and 16.5 ± 2 cm - excited.It is also worth noting that the majority of children the longest member is 17 years old.Over the next year or two of their penis loses about 0.5-1 cm. In length and becomes thicker.

way, telling about how the penis grows, you can not forget about the above thickness.Thus, at rest, the penis 12 year old child has a diameter of 1-1.5 cm. At 14 teenager penis on the indicator increases, typically up to 2 cm. The last peak growth in thickness of the member is observed at 17.As a result, a 18-year-old age penis thickness is 2.5-3 cm. These data are relevant to the unexcited penis.Otherwise, the diameter increases, on average, of 0.5-1.5 cm, depending on age.Please note that this information is relevant to the average members of a length of 15-17 cm. In other cases, the proportions, of course, vary.

Continuing the conversation about how to grow penis, it should be noted that about 55-60 years, the length of the penis is reduced by an average of 2 - 2.5 cm. This is considered a completely normal physiological process.

How to measure

In order to properly determine the size of the penis, you must follow certain rules.So, all measurements must be carried out measuring tape, which adheres to the surface of the penis.To measure a member should be from the top, positioning the tape from the base of the penis to his head.It is also important to make all measurements while standing.Read how many centimeters must be a member, you can also by clicking on this link: "How many centimeters must be a member?".