Can I sunbathe a nursing mother ?

Can I sunbathe a nursing mother ?

not by hearsay know young nursing mother, that for them there is a certain dose limits different nature: food, behavior and habits.Often wonder whether it is possible to sunbathe nursing mother.About it and talk.Let us begin with a general.

Influence of the sun on the body

A proportion of ultra-violet (UV) rays a person is simply necessary.Vitamin D, produced by it under sunlight, plays an important role in the functioning of the body, promotes the absorption of calcium (by the way, is very necessary for pregnant women).

But there is a flip side and it is shown non-compliance with simple rules - measures.Excessive exposure to UV rays leads to aging of the skin, the skin thickens, in extreme cases may cause skin cancer.

These effects are the same for all of the body, the body lactating mothers are no exception.Therefore, when deciding whether to sunbathe nursing mother, think about tanning rules.

How correctly to sunbathe

  1. In the period before 10 am and after 17 pm.
  2. In very sensitive, because tanning topless is prohibited while breastfeeding, be sure to cover your chest.
  3. Wear sunscreen (25 SPF), but do not put it on his chest, the baby did not eat then remnants of the cream.Chest camouflage.
  4. residence time in the sun should be increased gradually.
  5. During Sun drink water.

And a few words about indoor tanning.In general, there is a lot of controversy, whether it is possible to sunbathe in the solarium nursing mother.But if sunbathing, then:

  • necessarily take care of the cleanliness of the stall;
  • start with a minimum of time (2-3 minutes);
  • breasts all as camouflage;
  • very attentive to the choice of creams, often they give allergic reactions, no matter whether you are allergic ever.After birth, the body is restored and can behave very differently.

Conclusion: Nursing mother in general, you can sunbathe.Moderate amounts of UV rays will be useful in strict compliance with all the rules set out above.On lactation correct tanning process is not affected.

Just remember that your behavior and all the actions depends entirely on your baby's health.