What better stoves ?

What better stoves ?

stove in the kitchen - "prima ballerina", without it is impossible to imagine cooking.To date, the choice of plates is wide enough: it separately-standing gas and electric models, and built-in cookers, and combined options, including a gas hob and electric oven.Let's look at all this variety and find out what the plate is better and how to make the best choice.

energy source

As a rule, select the source of energy is not possible: the old houses are equipped with gas, and is supplied only in new electricity.However, if the choice you have is still there, then you need to decide what is best to buy a stove.

It is now believed that the electric stoves are safer, in fact, this is confirmed by periodic event of an explosion of household gas in homes.However, this does not mean that when properly installed gas stove is not fraught with danger.Just when its operation should be more strictly observe all safety rules.

Modern stoves are fitted with child-resistant, which is especially important for gas models.With this function, neither you nor your child can not accidentally start up gas without the flame ignition.Thus, manufacturers are offering to protect your home from an explosion, and you from gas poisoning.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas stoves

considering what is best to buy a plate, dwell in more detail on the pros and cons of each type of board.Let's start with the usual gas stoves.


  • By gourmet opinion, food cooked over an open fire, a tasty and healthy, because the time of heat exposure to it is smaller.
  • is easier to control the cooking process, because after the disconnection of gas, boil immediately terminated.
  • smaller than that of electric cookers, price.
  • gas cost less than the cost of electricity because gas is more profitable to prepare.
  • not require any special cookware.You can even cook a pot with curved bottom.


  • Large fire risk in comparison with electric stoves.
  • Most of the complexity of cleaning.
  • Indoor air pollution by combustion products.However, this shortcoming is easily overcome with the installation of exhaust filter.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric cookers

Electric cookers have recently become more popular.Let's look at why this is happening.


  • Easy to clean due to the presence and absence of flat surfaces lattices.
  • not emit combustion products.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Less fire hazard.
  • hob glass ceramic, which are often equipped with electric stoves, provides better contact with the bottom of the dishes, making it much more difficult to overturn.Moreover, glass has a low thermal conductivity, whereby the plate surface is already cool 1.5-2 cm from the heating zone.


  • higher price.Especially on a model with a glass surface.
  • Inertia.Preheat electric hotplate cools slowly, so the food may continue to simmer.
  • high cost of cooking.Most electric stove consumes more than 9 kW of power.Think for yourself, what will your energy bills.

Manufacturers tend to smooth out the disadvantages and gas and electric stoves, as came to light combined variants: the so-called "gas under glass" gas + electricity (gas hob and electric oven), as well as several varieties of electric burners, which differ morehigh consumer properties.Let us examine what the stove is better to choose to maximize the advantages of both species and smooth slabs disadvantages.

Gas under glass

This type of hob is gas burners located under the glass ceramic surface.This panel has excellent safety: you will not be burned, and the fire is practically excluded, since open flames isolated glass surface.In addition, the "gas under glass" eliminates the complexity of caring for a gas hob, as spilled food with a smooth and flat glass easy to remove the usual rag

However, a number of shortcomings in this plate is still there.First of all - is the appearance of smoke from the inside of the glass-ceramic.Unfortunately, natural gas supplied to our homes, clean enough, so it is difficult to say when this soot appears: on the second day or every few years.Clear plate of this type of soot can not be yourself.

Species electric burners

There are 3 kinds of burners installed on electric stoves.

  • Belt burners provide excellent heat flow direction, but uses more energy.
  • halogen burners heat up instantly, as well as the bottom of the cookware is heated uniformly over the entire area, which reduces the time to boil water as well as energy consumption.After turning off the burners heating the dishes and immediately stops.
  • Induction hobs heated product inside the cookware, not the surface of the plate.It is very convenient, because after cooking can not be afraid to get burned on a plate to cool.However, the big drawback of such plates - the need to use magnetic cookware bottom, the other does not arise in the magnetic induction field with which the heating of the product takes place.These boards have a high capacity, so heated even faster product gas stoves, but it is very economical due to the fact that electric power is not wasted on heating plates and dishes.

With regard cooker, combine gas and electric hobs and electric oven, these plates combine the efficiency and flexibility of gas power because electric ovens are often equipped with a grill, a den and skewers.However, the disadvantage of this option is the need to connect the plates to gas and electricity, as well as more complex and expensive installation.

So, we have understood the advantages and disadvantages of various options cookers, all you have to decide what is best plates specifically for you.Successful to you of purchases!