As revenge the enemy ?

As revenge the enemy ?

If a person humiliated, insulted or harmed, one thought after the unpleasant incident is revenge.However, this is not the best solution, so you need to wait until the emotions calm down.But if the desire to strike back is not lost, you can think about how to take revenge on the enemy.See below for a few ideas.

How can avenge the enemy

are going to take revenge, it is important not to overstep the law, otherwise you can end up in jail for a few years.It is better to thoroughly consider to punish the enemy and to soothe his pride.

repay him in kind

If you want to be your enemy has experienced the same thing and you should pay him back in kind.Create a situation in which he has placed you, and try to strike.Of course, it's pretty hard to do, but you need to know how to wait.Let your abuser calm down, and your behavior is perfect, then it will be possible to lure him into a trap.

Small pranks

If big, you're afraid to take revenge, you can take your enemy small dirty tricks, but on a regular basis.For example, you can enclose it under the door of his abuser various "little presents".This can be:

  • shit;
  • sweet or smelly mixture;
  • letter dirty content.

You can also send a courier to the enemy to work products of erotic content.Firstly, it would be very uncomfortable in front of colleagues, and secondly, it is strongly stained his reputation.In addition, a good idea to put a little thing in his stuff from the store of the erotic goods.These little things are very annoying enemy and fairly spoil his mood.

slanders and gossip

I want to spoil the life of the offender?There is nothing better than to dismiss the gossip about him.It is possible from time to time to inform on his superiors.However, it should be done as if by chance.For example, if your abuser does not have time to work, we can say that the reason of all is its seat in social networks and forums.The good ideas will find the main gossip in the team and in confidence to tell him about some details of the private life of the enemy.Do not hesitate to tell you quickly will acquire the details, and everyone in the neighborhood will be whispering behind his back.

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