Can I breastfeed at ?

Human Health - is its main weapon in the fight against unfavorable environmental factors.Particularly acute is the question, if we are talking about a nursing infant health.Our today's article will tell you whether you can breastfeed at.As is known, in such a delicate matter as feeding the child is better to consult with a specialist.Well, we will offer you only the general cases that may be encountered in everyday life.So:

Breastfeeding temperature.Is it possible?

Of course, this is possible.But as correctly and safely?That is the question.We give you concise and accurate answer to breastfeed at a temperature as possible!According to research, and indeed the general medical knowledge, the mother of a fever at the time of breast-feeding to the child does not have harmful effects.In no case should not interrupt the feeding period of the disease.If the mother is ill SARS, then together with the milk, the baby will receive antigens and nutrients that on the contrary it will give more immunity resistance.Also, the feeding is very important for the mother.The fact is that in the period after the birth the mother's breast milk should be given rather than keep it inside.As a result of feeding interruptions, the young mother can make such unpleasant diseases like lactostasis or mastitis.Another danger feeding interruption is that after a long break in breast feeding, the child can and does refuse to supply such a method.In this case it is necessary to switch to a mixture of nutrients and the mother to express milk in order to avoid its stagnation in the chest cavity.Can I breast-feed at a temperature caused by the common cold?Yes, you can.

Another important point about which forget in any case impossible.If the mother's body temperature does not exceed 38 degrees, and is caused by various psychological stress factors or ovulation, the feeding is allowed.However, if the temperature is above 39, then it is mandatory to bring down it.The fact is that when feeding with temperature changes the taste of milk that can cause the child's rejection of this method of feeding.In addition, feeding at a high temperature is a serious threat to the baby's mother.Before serving, try to bring the temperature down using products containing acetaminophen.In no case do not use drugs based on aspirin.

Another important point is that, what is the reason for the temperature.As a rule, those diseases for which treatment is used antibiotics, may pose a serious danger not only to the mother but also for the child.In this case, it is recommended to seek advice from your doctor, who will tell the correct sequence of actions in this difficult situation.Usually, in mild disease, the doctor selects those antibiotics that do not interfere with the feeding process.And in some cases, serious illnesses have to interrupt the feeding process completely.Diseases that are associated with renal failure, cardiovascular system, liver and lungs.In all these cases, the feeding is not recommended, and sometimes completely prohibited.It should be noted that in this situation the best solution - it is the passage of consultation with a physician and a pediatrician.Now you know, dear reader, in which case you can breastfeed at.