As revenge neighbors ?

As revenge neighbors ?

Not every neighbor - a gift of fate.Sometimes, the proximity of residential areas is becoming a tragedy - not burdened with a sense of tact, good education, respect for the surrounding people literally ruin your life.What to do in such cases, indicate the offender on his inappropriate behavior, forced to order or simply from the heart to take revenge?Before choosing a form of revenge, remember that for some of them you can also be punished, so think first and then do it.

Making insulting inscriptions

your neighbors are different weight impartial human qualities, which directly or indirectly affect your comfortable stay in your home?Then why not take revenge on their neighbors by telling others about ihnedostatkah using insulting nicknames, vivid inscriptions denouncing deposited on the house wall, door of the apartment?

can start with a more gentle version - print out the right words in large print on the paper and attach the adhesive tape to the place of the neighbor dwelling.For example, the "violator of peace", "Starscream", "garbage in the entryway Source", "Ham".If this does not help, you can make an inscription marker / aerosol on the door or on the wall.

We pay the same coin

Why not answer a neighbor with his own weapon - that is, the rudeness, noise, dirt and other things?

  • tenant holds regular parties upheaval?Wait in his apartment comes complete silence (at night, early in the morning), and wake jovial, for example, some hit «Rammstein».You can also use the sounds of a fight, dogs howling, creaking doors, drills, which can be found on various websites.The main thing - to warn neighbors in advance that at a certain time you have planned act of revenge.If you live on the floor below the offenders, to avenge the neighbors from the top, with the support of residents of apartments, which are located over them, or at least on the same landing with them.So the effect will be more tangible.
  • neighbor litter, sweeping away the dirt from your floor to you at the door?Collect dirt, add to it carefully swept the dust out of their neighborhood and doors and a neat pile, return back to the "homeland."You can also add an explanatory note like: "Rubbish from you received.Thank you.Return back.Sincerely, N floor. "
  • Residents neighboring apartment regularly endows you boorish jokes and sayings?Just stop to greet, do not answer questions and did not notice their presence in public places.Ideal would be if all the other neighbors will support you - a complete disregard for the public will be unpleasant even the most audacious Barker.When asked about the reason for such an attitude, you can once briefly explain: "We just do not know how to talk to you in a familiar language, rudeness" .Osobenno effective is this method in order to avenge the neighbors for the country, because the country friendlinessneighbors sometimes becomes simply vital.

not give a neighbor doing bad things

At constant noise from the flat (music, drill, parties) at an inopportune time and can react more sharply.For example, carefully cut the wire leading to the switch board.This can be done only under the condition that you are well versed in electrical engineering, and completely eliminates the possibility of injury during the process or wiring fire.

If a neighbor has a distinctive habit and curiosity to follow the tenants, to dismiss the gossip, you can paint over paint the door peephole.You can cook a "thermonuclear" mixture - mix lime paste with carbon black or silverfish.Such a composition would not be able to remove without damaging the glass.Do not forget to resort to parallel the first method, and attach an explanatory plaque like: "Do not put your nose in other people's affairs."

Rules "Avengers»

Revenge - it's not a simple one.For its implementation should take into account several important rules:

  • not fall (unless direct conflict with the offender is not included in your plans).Be creative retribution when the neighbors are not at home, say, or they have other possible witnesses to your actions fast asleep (ie, under the cover of the late night).
  • Do not immediately start with the "heavy artillery", give the man a chance to realize the error of his ways and become better.So always first do minor mischief offender.
  • Do not forget to explain the reason for his revenge neighbors - perhaps people did not realize that the ugly behavior, prevent another.
  • Avoid foul language.In general, in the pursuit of justice, do not be like the offender.
  • Do not get personal!
  • Always avoid situations that may cause harm to people or animals!
  • Do not go too far.Even with a very good reason for the fierce hostility to its neighbors, it is not necessary to lower them all his righteous anger.Moreover, that sparkle, you can easily get under any article of the Civil Code.If, after several acts of revenge neighbor does not change its behavior, feel free to contact for assistance to the district.

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