Like revenge on the man ?

Like revenge on the man ?

If someone paid you to hurt, almost always want to get revenge.There are plenty of ways for revenge, you only need to select the appropriate for a particular case.Of course, revenge - this is bad, but sometimes it is the only way to soothe his ego.Below are some ways to take revenge on the offender.

How can avenge a man by magic?

revenge on the enemy, you can with the help of magic.It is enough to make the doll (V), and then do with it whatever you want.For its production will require the following materials:

  • straw or padding polyester;
  • fabric;
  • thread;
  • hair, fingernails of the victim.

Take cloth and straw, and make of them a doll.It is desirable that it was like an enemy.To this must be added the doll features human.For example, moles, warts, eye color, hair, and so on.After the current is made, it must be put into the hair, nails enemy.It should also be dubbed the doll's name.

Then you can start manipulating the doll.You can pierce any part of the body with needles, pour boiling water volt, put out his eyes, cut off his hands and legs.The man will then feel the pain.However, for such actions would have to pay, and you, as this refers to the ritual of black magic and does not pass without leaving a trace.

As revenge: minor mischief

Reflecting on how to take revenge on the person, it's worth doing minor mischief.Fan the gossip about him.If this man, we can say that he is constantly changing his wife or weak by the male.More ways to revenge you will find in our articles - How to revenge the guy, and How to avenge the man.

If the enemy is a woman, we can confidentially say that it is engaged in black magic, moonlight in a strip club, has many lovers at the same time and so on.As a small dirty tricks, you can choose a variety of tricks.For example, you can meet her in the social network and call for a meeting to which no one would come.

Remember, almost every woman loves sweets, but because it has a lot of calories that are harmful to the figure.You are required to send her sweets often, from which it will be unable to resist, and you, in turn, will watch as the enemy does not fit in a dress.If you want to take revenge on a former lover, will be useful to our article - How to take revenge on the former.

Surely you know where your enemy lives.You can easily smear shit on his door and other malodorous substances, as long as none of the neighbors did not see you.

Sophisticated methods of revenge

If all of the above you seem childish prattle, it is possible to resort to more sophisticated methods of revenge.For example, it is possible revenge by hiring people who will beat him well.Only need to remember that the enemy can write a statement to the police, and a greater likelihood that you will be detected.In this case, the criminal responsibility can not be avoided.Revenge is not breaking the law, will help our article - How revenge.

If you change your loved one and you crave revenge, you can make him feel worthless.Invite him to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend, flirt, make compliments the other party.The main thing that all of this came to the ears of a traitor.You can also come to the party and to do in the presence of his compliments to his friend or girlfriend, then he definitely feel their inferiority.More space options can be found in our article - How to avenge the betrayal.