Where to download CS?

Where to download CS?

All your friends have long played in the "counter", and you do not even know where to download CS?In this article you will learn that in general such CS where to download for free and how to learn to play well.

Cs, aka Counter-Strike, a modification of the famous game Half-life, which appeared in the last century.This game tells us about the engineer who is a witness to an accident in the laboratory, which caused a chain of strange events associated with mutations of teleportation and so on.In general, as is usually the main character has to rake all.As it turned out the engine on which the game was created, it was very advanced and easy-quality multiplayer games.The authors decided to remake multiplayer story under close to reality - namely, the confrontation of terrorists and members of the counter-terrorist unit.And they were right on target.

Supplement for Half-life game was released separately from the game itself, it was modified, starting from version 1.0 to the current 1.6.In spite of the progressive technologies and capabilities of modern computers, the popularity of this game still has not abated.And it is connected with an incredibly simple, friendly, active gameplay in which people around the world can meet together and fight against the other people of the same group.This game can be found on the counter in any shop of computer games or online at http: // store.steampowered.com.And yet, where you can download free CS 1.6?The answer is simple.Many resources provide an opportunity to download this game, such as contra site.ws (download Counter-Strike. exe, 256 MB).Installer file weighs a little more than 250 MB, so it will be downloaded pretty quickly, even for those who have low speed internet.With this game you can play on the internet with real people and gain experience.

But what if the servers are already playing against experienced players who, even out of the corner then get scared?Nothing, for that the developers have come up with bots.This computer opponents, which you can change the difficulty, so adding yourself to the level of a few of these and putting them to the complexity of the "newbie" you can safely train in shooting from different types of weapons, as well as to study the map to better orient them.To find out where to download free CS 1.6 and even with these same bots, click on this link: download Counter-Strike with bots.With this version of the game you will certainly be able to also play on the Internet.As CS 1.6 can be found on various torrent trackers, such as torrentino.com.

But what to do if you can not properly build the tactics or quickly take aim at his head?In this case invented cheats.This computer program, through which you can see enemies through walls, run quickly or quietly, automatically shoot in the head, etc.Of course, it's not quite fair.But during the war, as they say, all good.Turn on the program, and let all the enemies of the people think that you are a professional player, and you have no equal, all the same, it may take time, you will become so, gain experience, and you will not have or anyone or anything to prove.Duck cheats where to download CS 1.6?Click on the following link and get everything at once: download cheats for CS:

  • Wall hack - the ability to browse through the walls,
  • AIM - automatic aiming head (or other body part, it can be configured),
  • Speed ​​hack - accelerationshooting or running.

But if you decide not to seek the help of these programs, then here are some tips on how to learn to play well:

  • Play with headphones to listen to and learn from heard gunshots, footsteps, ticking bomb.
  • Look at the radar, watch where your companions die, they say live, asking whether aid.
  • Learn to shoot of the main weapons: AK-47, M4-A1, DesertEagle, AWP.According to its characteristics they bypass all the other weapons.
  • Change the battlefield: levels only alone with bots, Public-Server (in the common people - the meat), DeathMatch server, where after the death of srazuzhe reborn with arms in hand, the team matches per team - 5 5.

Spend a lot of timegame, and you will not be equal!