How to make a muck ?

How to make a muck ?

There are moments in life when a wildly to the animal cry, I want to make someone something nasty.Yes, a nasty, that would be very squeamish at heart.

Why sometimes you want to do stuff

not just, of course.People by nature were originally designed by the Creator as a being higher, with a pure soul and light thoughts.But Eve succumbed to temptation ... And here we are - we master the sinful earth, fighting the vices, temptations and other pleasures of life on earth.

But sometimes we passionately want to do something nasty to someone.No, it is not so easy, but only in retaliation - we are so easily survive the hurt and heartache, which caused us one whom we yearn to do stuff.Revenge - not a sin.As there is no sin of unforgiveness - all can forgive only God.But if you forgive the offender, you can get rid of the resentment in my heart much faster than sometimes for years to hatch plans for revenge and to think how to do stuff.

What stuff do

For those who are not as enlightened on this issue, you can give a couple of tips on how to do stuff to someone you badly tarnished blood and your nerves are tied in the ropes.Forgive - the lot of wimps who can not come up with an original way to get revenge.

So, ready scripts.

How do nasty neighbor

It depends on where the neighbor lived.If he was lucky, and he lives on the floor below, it is possible to arrange the whole extravaganza filth.Can it be transfered from the flood water bath.You can have a party with guest DJ and a horde of friends tramping feet.It is possible to spend in the apartment contest of karaoke, using a home theater with a volume equal to the noise of the aircraft engine.

In general, neighbors who live near you, you can easily make a muck spill at the entrance to the stairs vegetable oil - roller provided.More chic way to do stuff to neighbors - to start repairs.With a drill and a hammer, with the demolition of load-bearing walls and replacing the batteries in the apartment.The main thing - to stretch your repair indefinitely.And, you can all the neighbors quarreled among themselves.To do this, simply "to whisper in your ear secretly," the neighbor on the right word neighbor to the left that the left neighbor sleeps with the wife of a neighbor on the right.And you can enjoy the results of their filth.

How do nasty man

man in general is very easy to do stuff, just to let the ugly rumors about the honor and dignity of all people.That will be quite enough.The word - terrible weapons.Word can kill, if you know what to say, to whom and where.Blooming dirty gossip, and, compelling, and close to the actual events can not simply upset person, but also to destroy his professional and personal lives.

worth doing nasty things

If your conscience is sleeping soundly, or in your head a draft, or in one place childhood plays, or the mind of a pea, or you are not familiar with the concepts of integrity, you can do nasty things right and left,as long as one does not get into the pit that they dug another.Because the person who is doing bad things to others, must sooner or later become a victim of their nasty deeds.That's life - what we want others, you'll get yourself.Therefore it is better to forgive.Although the ability to forgive - the lot of wimps who can not come up with an original way to take revenge ...