Which water heater is better?

Which water heater is better?

hot water problem - it's not just the lack of hot water or interruptions in its supply, it is a great inconvenience, which are related to household needs.But how good that these issues are helping to solve the water heater.

Before each consumer when buying a heating device raises some very important questions: What is better to choose a water heater?On what parameters to look for when buying?How to install water heater?Let's look at this.

Gas or electric?

economical of all, if the house is installed a gas counterpart.Today, gas - is the cheapest fuel, so its consumption expenditure will not be very large.But to install a gas water heater, you must obtain permission from the Gorgaz, call the installers, who will install, and only then they can be used.While not the fact that it will allow you to install, because there are a large number of conditions in which a gas water heater is forbidden to operate.

Therefore, we recommend choosing an electric water heater.No permits you, no conditions.Established at any convenient place for themselves - and enjoy it.For many it is the perfect option, the only negative - the high cost of electricity.

Types of heaters

All water heaters are divided into two types:

  1. Savings;
  2. Flow.

storage water heaters

first option - a metal tank in which a tubular heating element (TEN).The tank is filled with a certain amount of water from a water pipe connected (the tank capacity or volume of cylinder define performance).Heater is switched on and controlled by the protection and control system.You can set a certain mode of operation, where the main index appears water temperature.For example, you need water + 60C.Exhibiting her on the control unit, and be sure to reach this figure, heater is disconnected from the power supply.Once the temperature drops below + 60 ° C, heater on again.All automatically.

disadvantage of this design - limiting the amount of water.Therefore, before you buy this device, you will need to calculate precisely how much hot water you need in everyday life.There are standard indicators that are usually taken as the basis of calculation: on the one person in the bathroom should be 30 liters, in the kitchen the whole family will be sufficient 15 liters.For example, for a family of 4 people in the bathroom will be spent 4h30 = 120 l, Priplyusuem here "kitchen" 15 L - get 135 liters.However, the full use of these liters is quite rare.Therefore, your needs will cover the water heater of 100 liters and more.

Two more recommendations:

  • Notice what material is made tank.The best option - stainless steel.This option is most durable, but at the same time - the most expensive.Simpler versions - enameled pots and pots of biosteklofarfora.
  • Choose a device with which the protective flask heater, not open.The heater is protected, so it will not form scale which reduces heat transfer and durability.

Flowing water heaters Flowing water heaters

work quite differently.In their design there is no tank, but there are powerful heating elements up to 30 kW.Absence of the tank makes the device compact.But powerful heating elements may be the reason that the purchase can not take place.The thing is, that the power of the device is large, and the wiring of your house can not stand her, especially since in addition to the water heater will be included and other electrical appliances.Therefore, before you buy it, consult with a specialist.

Choice instantaneous water heater

Now to the question, which flow heater is best to buy?It lies at the heart of power, that is, how many minutes of parting can heat a certain amount of navigable water.There is a standard rate - 5.4 l / min (it legalized SNIP 2.04.01-85).But the water temperature at the outlet may be different.It all depends on where the water comes.If out of the well, then its temperature is lower than in the water, and therefore need more powerful device.Therefore, experts advise to just such an occasion to buy a water heater capacity of 13 kW, and it's only a shower.If you need to provide hot water a few points, then increase the productivity doubled.

Finally.The wire that connects the device to the electricity meter the flow should be a section of at least 6 mm².He must carry out the connection of three phases.

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