Up to what age to breastfeed ?

Breast milk is a natural source of baby food.It promotes normal neuro-psychological and physical development of the child.Up to what age to breastfeed?No such question lactating moms.Some stop feeding up to a year, while others are fed up to 2-2.5 years.In some, the child himself refuses the breast, while others forcibly wean baby from breast milk.But the kid is not always ready for it.

How many months breastfeed

sure it is necessary to feed the baby breast milk until six months of age.It is contained in breast milk baby all necessary nutrients and water.After 6 months of breast milk can not fully satisfy the needs of the baby.Therefore, to introduce solid foods in the form of cereals and vegetable puree, gradually introduce your child juice, fruit puree, cheese, egg and meat.But this does not mean that it does not need breast jelly.UNICEF experts and the World Health Organization recommended to breastfeed up to 2-2.5 years.

How long should I breastfeed

Breast milk is not only food for crumbs.It contain substances that contribute to the maturation of the child's body functional systems, antibodies that protect against diseases, anti-stress hormones.Also, breastfeeding helps the baby to fall asleep faster and remove the pain.When breastfeeding between the child and his mother appears close psychological contact.Kids grow more obedient and attentive.

Research scientists have shown that children who are long-term breastfed less likely to suffer from allergies, they have a high level of intelligence.

With early weaning the child may experience the appearance of inflammatory and viral diseases on the background of reduced immunity, allergic reactions may occur, and disorders of the digestive tract.Nor should we wean the baby from the breast during illness, when cutting tooth.There are criteria for readiness of the child to weaning.

  1. child applied to the chest 1-3 times a day.Those applying are related mainly to sleep.
  2. child does not ask for the breast to address any problems.
  3. child requires chest at night.Maybe ask for a breast before awakening, from which it can be easily distracted.

In such cases, the mother can go away for a couple of days.When he returned, Mom reveals that she loves her baby, as before, only milk she had not.If a child is not ready for weaning, it is not necessary to do it by force.After all, it is stressful for the baby.

Up to what age to feed the child - it's definitely you.For help or advice you can contact your pediatrician or lactation consultant.Remember that breastfeeding is very important for mental and physical health of your baby.