How to make a smoke bomb in the home ?

How to make a smoke bomb in the home ?

Make smoke pot with his own hands is not difficult - then we will offer a few instructions on making dymovuhu.

However, immediately warned that the use of smoke bombs can be exclusively for peaceful purposes, and set fire to them to be only on the street, away from people and dwellings.

How to make your own smoke bomb

How to make the most simple smoke bomb

  1. Buy in a drugstore packaging and packaging gidroperita dipyrone tablets.
  2. Individually interpret in both powder packaging.Fill each kind of powder in a separate vial.
  3. Go out and choose a suitable lonely place for your experiment.Quickly mix the powders in a single container, place it on the ground and ignite the mixture.
  4. Now run off to the side and enjoy the thick clouds of smoke.

How to make a smoke bomb from sponge and furniture polish

If you have a jar of home nitrocellulose lacquer, from it we can make a good smoke bomb.

  1. for its manufacture take a small foam sponge, soak it in a jar with paint, remove the sponge with a piece of thick wire.Place the sponge on a piece of plastic film and press the sponge spatula to squeeze out any excess polish.
  2. Dry foam washcloth outdoors.In this room is better not to do so as the smell of nail polish will be another one.
  3. When the sponge is dry, tie to it a wick made of natural rope, wrap his makeshift bomb in a piece of food foil and go with her to the street.
  4. in a suitable location, place the sponge on the ground and set fire to the wick - from homemade bombs saw thick white smoke, and he will go up until the sponge is not completely rot.

How to make colored smoke bomb.

  1. Buy the hardware store a small package of potassium nitrate, and the supermarket dry food dye, for example, a set of Easter eggs dye.
  2. at home kitchen scales measure out 40 grams of a conventional sugar and 60 grams of ammonium nitrate.
  3. Mix sugar and nitrate in the waste aluminum saucepan or purely washed and dried tin tin.
  4. Put the pan on low heat.Heat it better than the kitchen, but somewhere on the street.
  5. During heating, stir the mass to it not to burn.First, the mixture is melted, then boil.
  6. When the mass in the pot will become light brown in the pan sprinkle in a teaspoon of baking soda incomplete, thus, be very careful as boiling froth weight dramatically.
  7. Remove the saucepan from the heat and pour into a hot mass of three teaspoons of organic dye any color you like and once again mix well ground.
  8. When it cools down so that before it can be safely touch his fingers, put on rubber gloves and packagi this color weight of prefabricated small containers, such as matchboxes or plastic jars of drugs.
  9. While mass completely froze into each container to its half, insert an ordinary pencil.
  10. After hardening remove the pencil weight, resulting in a nest insert a cotton wick, plug the jack of medical cotton and fully dense and carefully wrap each homemade smoke bomb tape.
  11. Now go to a secluded deserted place and there to test their color checkers on the matter.

If you like these pyrotechnic experiments and wish to continue them looking for other recipes for smoke bombs in our article How do dymovuhu and How to make a bomb at home.