How to stop breastfeeding ?

On many Mothers for a long time and successfully breast-feeding her baby other with envy they say: "This is happy!", But whether it is right when the child is two, and even more godochkov, but he still on my mother'sjelly?How to stop to breastfeed, and most importantly how to quit breastfeeding.It is these very important issues we'll consider.

WHO (World Health Organization) adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child, according to which children should receive milk up to four months, and reserve that right to two years.According to the children's pediatricians, continue breast-feeding should be up to 1.5 - 2 years of age.

How to stop breastfeeding?

optimal lactation termination:

We all know how time flies by unnoticed, and yesterday helpless grudnichok turns into a self-crumbs and his need for her mother becomes with each succeeding day fewer and fewer.Here then there is a problem, how to stop breastfeeding.

to weaning your offspring was as expected and did not cause harm neither you nor him, you need to know at what stage is your lactation.There are three stages:

  • Formation - dates back well before the appearance of a baby into the world, when hormones are already starting to prepare for the development of the mammary glands of milk.The stage continues until 2-3 months after birth (in this period, you may be a need for decanting the excess quantity of milk).You may notice periods of breast swelling, pain, do not panic and do not rush to transfer your crumbs on artificial feeding;
  • Maturity - Your breasts are already adapted to the needs of the child, lost pain and swelling of the breast, now your glands secrete as much milk as baby needs (need for decanting excess milk is lost, on the contrary, you may be a need for supplementation of the child is also a children'smixture);
  • involution - comes in a period of 1.5 - 2 years old child, in this period the composition of your milk changes, and it increasingly looks like colostrum, thus, the body prepares mother of the child to ensure that the weaning has passed without any consequencesfor immunity.It is this stage is most appropriate to think about my mother, how to throw breastfeed.

Known methods of weaning the baby from the mother's breast:

In rare cases it happens that the child himself refuses to breastfeed, yet for the majority of the issue of how to stop breastfeeding remains relevant.There are various ways over the years used mummies, among them as effective and just as useless and even harmful to the child.Most same popular among them:

  • The pasting nipples something bitter it may be a very effective method, but do not forget how it will affect the baby, because your breasts with the birth of a baby is not only a food item and that gives him the mosta sense of security and peace.And resorting to you, baby feels the bitterness that can cause severe stress for crumbs;The pasting
  • nipples green paint, you just explain to the child that the breast milk was ill and it was over, the method though effective, but fraught with the fact that you call the child's extra experience, especially if your crumbs can be attributed to the highly emotional;
  • often asked how to stop breastfeeding the baby, you can hear a simple answer, you need to get away for a couple of weeks, for many it is controversial that yes it effective, but on the other hand what a normal mother abandon her child.Complete all emotional experiences as a child's and mother there.

How to wean a baby from breastfeeding:

  • How to quit breastfeeding?The most important rule for you shall have only one thing - you can not do it strongly!Let everything be gradually replacing breast-feeding with a mixture, reduce time to breast feed and the last to exclude already night feedings.If a child refuses to completely mix and ordinary milk, resort to tricks and trust bottle feeding dad or another family member, maybe they will succeed much more successful.
  • If the child still continues to act up and refuse to eat with a bottle, try skipping breastfeeding, hunger has to do their job.
  • night time, namely it is the most difficult, because there is nothing that will calm a crying baby or as a long-awaited my mother's breasts.And it does not, the baby hysteria, all the attempts to appease to nothing lead.It would be good if the child is settling down at this point would be engaged in the pope or anyone else from the family.Yes, you will be hard to hear the hysterical tantrums beloved child, but it is necessary to show firmness and perseverance, they will help you achieve a positive result in such a difficult task, as the throw to breastfeed.