How do kaku ?

How do kaku ?

Now we will teach you how to make kaku.This word we call minor mischief that so much fun sometimes to organize others.Whether it's neighbors, relatives or colleagues.The main thing is that such dirty tricks did not cross the border and do not harm health.Therefore, be careful and do not do kaku person who, for example, only recently suffered a heart attack or just often complains of his heart.Which can also be called a kind of SEO-copywriting.But first things first.

Make kaku neighbor

  1. Classics can be considered a dirty trick with this turd (preferably fresh), which should be put in front of the door neighbor.After that, tear the paper and distribute the top of your surprises.Further, the paper should be set on fire, ring the door bell and run aimlessly.Opening the door, your neighbor reflex foot begins to extinguish burning trap ... And this is your goal.
  2. Alternatively, you can spend an interesting trick, experiment with your neighbors.Take chalk and draw a door in the corner of your neighbors, for example, a simple figure, which would look like a skull.Of course, when he got home from work, the people chased it.Do the same the next day, the next day, and on, until you get bored.If a neighbor is simply cease to erase this image (this is the most reasonable way out of the situation), make it the next kaku.
  3. Think classified with the best offer.Here, everything is limited only by your imagination.It can be like: "Cheap rent an apartment ..." and "Lonely, beautiful girl wants to meet an intimate relationship without the obligations."Poquelin ads around town, place online, post in the newspaper.Address, phone, naturally should be your neighbor, not your.

Make kaku relatives

  1. most banal - to catch a cockroach or mouse buy at the pet store.Enclose your new friend to someone in a plate of food in the food tray, etc.Hide the things
  2. relatives, but so that they then could actually find.Swap places, shifts from one shelf to another, and so on.Ultimately, the blame can always be blamed on Barabashka.
  3. Change in value on a home computer "mouse" buttons.To do this, go to "Control Panel", then "Mouse" and "Switch primary and secondary buttons".Thus, the right mouse button will act as a left button, while the left - right.Usually people do not understand what is happening.
  4. can swap dirty socks and underwear from the laundry basket, with clean.It can be fun.

Make kaku colleagues

  1. If you are at work there are so-called "smoking room", you can play trick.Gradually draw kruzhёchek chalk on his hands, let them smoke rings and the like "clapping" them to their clothes.She, of course, will be the imprint allegedly from smoke rings.It is unlikely that someone will guess how you do this trick.There are only a silly, smoke, clap themselves and each other in different parts of the body.
  2. more evil dirty trick can be considered a substitute drive (file) of the player (on the computer) to a responsible presentation.Here again, everything is limited only by imagination kaku doing.This can be a porn movie or some videoprikoly and can clip from the 70s.
  3. can try to infect the working computer virus.The main thing is that it does not interfere with your work is.Either delete any needed files ... well, at least in-basket.
  4. Stick boss inscription on the car, which would clearly alludes to his homosexuality.You can, at the same time, and after a couple of wheels.
  5. ask them questions that they just can not answer colleagues report.

How to make a piece of shit

This piece of shit, which will be very similar to the natural, can be used in your drawings anywhere.You can discreetly put it in a bowl or in the guest desk supervisor.Wherever you did not use it, it is sure to be funny.

should say that fake shit sold in stores with different gags.Without further ado, you can buy ready-made.Well, if you want to do it yourself, use this clay or polymer clay.If a good try, that distinguish it from the present can only be by the lack of a specific smell.

Kaka in the SEO-copywriting

interesting that cocoa is not only nasty or turd, but a term that refers to a certain kind of SEO-copywriting.In other words, it is writing articles that answer questions like: "How to ...", "How to choose ...", "How to Repair ..." and so on.Such articles can drive traffic to your site and buy regular readers.Since the topic of our today's article - all sorts of "kaki", let's learn how to write SEO-like article.

The main thing is to select the desired request, commencing on the "How to ...".Choose a course, taking into account the request to be popular and in demand.Try to write an article on a topic that has anything to do with.In other words you need to know what to write.A feature of such articles is that the user wants to receive a specific answer to the question.Therefore, be very specific.

Now you know how to do kaku.Whether it's a dirty trick on the first of April or article to the site.