How to choose a refrigerator ?

How to choose a refrigerator ?

Today, no kitchen is complete without such an important thing as a refrigerator.Indeed, this appliance we buy for many years, spending a significant amount of money because it is so important not to be mistaken.In addition, no other household appliances we use is not as common as a refrigerator.In this article we will look at how to choose a refrigerator on which options to navigate and carry out statistics on the leading manufacturers of home appliances.

The main parameters in the selection of the refrigerator includes:

  • Dimensions
  • volume chambers
  • embeddable
  • Compressors
  • Control Type
  • The manufacturer

size and volume of the chambers

First of all, you should decide on thedesired amount and size of the refrigerator.You should decide where you want to put it, and to see the size and scope of your current refrigerator.It is desirable that the width and depth of the refrigerator was at least slightly smaller than the width of doorways on the road by which you bear it to the installation site.

Refrigerators are distinguished by the number of cameras: there are single-chamber, where the freezer is located directly inside the cooling chamber, and two or more chamber.They differ significantly in price, so we shall understand what is best to choose a refrigerator.

Advantages of single-chamber models:

  • low price
  • High reliability

main disadvantage of single-chamber refrigerators one: the need to defrost the freezer.And the ice in such models accumulates faster due to the fact that the warm air gets into the freezer more often than in the dual-chamber models.

Relatively recently appeared on the market model with three chambers: the refrigeration, freezing and so-called "zone of preservation of freshness" - chamber in which the temperature is kept at zero degrees.The products of such a chamber with a small store shelf life much better.

Yet now the most popular are two-chamber refrigerators with separate freezer and refrigeration chambers.Their market great variety, you can easily select optimal for a combination of volume chambers.


Recently, people pay more attention to comfort, because the kitchen - this is the place where all family members are at the same table, it is especially important to give the interior aesthetics and uniformity.Therefore, for some time very popular embedded appliances.Consider how to choose the built-in refrigerator.

polnovstraivaemye The technical characteristics of refrigerators (ie those which are completely closed furniture fronts) do not differ from detached.Therefore separately dwell on them will not.The difference between them is only in determining the required dimensions of the embedded models: they are determined in accordance with the internal dimensions of the niche under the refrigerator and include manufacturing tolerances to heat dissipation.The most common size: width from 54 to 58 cm and depth of 53 to 55.

Advantages polnovstraivaemyh refrigerators:

  • Less noise
  • Large efficiency, achieved through better insulation of walls


Two-compartment refrigerators are one- and two-compressor.Models with two compressors, though less efficient, but have a greater ease of use: in a refrigerated chamber can be switched off separately what allows you to defrost the refrigerator compartment without having to turn off the freezer.Given that the refrigerator with bottom location of the freezer, defrost the latter takes about 2 times a year, the presence of 2 compressors becomes a very useful feature.

Furthermore, there No Frost model system, they do not need to be defrosted.The condensate is then removed by the refrigerator compressor.The only reason for the shutdown of the refrigerator is the need to wash the interior space, which is recommended once a year.

Control Type

Style Control refrigerators are divided into:

  • Electromechanical
  • Electronic

Electromechanical for most of us are more familiar: for temperature control it is necessary to turn the thermostat knob, located inside the refrigerator compartment.

models are under electronic control panel with digital display on the front side, displaying data on temperature, humidity, and other indicators of the refrigerator.Often refrigerators are equipped with the electronically controlled remote control.

The manufacturer

Most buyers are very concerned about the groundless the question of which company to choose a refrigerator.We give a rating of 5 manufacturers of the most reliable refrigerators Statistics of sellers, buyers and service technicians to repair household appliances.

  • 1 place withdrawn German company Liebherr.The bulk of their models in the upper price range, but there are several models of the cheaper price categories.As refrigerators dignity of the producer low noise.
  • On 2 place is a Swedish manufacturer of the Electrolux, very popular in the world and in our country.Buyers note that Electrolux refrigerators most economical on energy costs.
  • 3rd place took another German company Bosch, whose product quality is always on top.
  • In 4th place is the Korean brand Samsung.Buyers designs to taste their refrigerators.In addition, under the Samsung brand name, a lot of models of "Side-by-Side" (with double swinging doors).
  • 5 place occupied by the Belarusian manufacturer of refrigerators Atlant.The advantages of this brand customers include high reliability, long service life and availability.
  • popular enough refrigerators are economy class, sold under the brand Stinol.However, experts note a sufficiently large number of breakdowns models of this brand.The same applies to the Nord refrigerators produced in Donetsk.
  • deciding which brand to choose a refrigerator, it is worth paying attention to the domestic production of refrigerators sold under the trademarks Biryusa and Smolensk.They have little in what Atlant inferior products and are not expensive.
  • Another manufacturer of high-quality and low-cost Korean refrigerators is from LG.However, experts recommend pay attention to what the country gathered you like a refrigerator of the brand.If he is released in China, the build quality will be lower than that produced in South Korea.The same applies to other Korean brands: Samsung and Daewoo.