What is the best hair straightener ?

What is the best hair straightener ?

If you are the owner or the lush wavy hair, you probably want to straighten and smooth out your hair.This is possible with the help of special hair straighteners - ironing.Even with a straight hair texture can use them, for example, twisting the tips or give shine and smoothness.But today there is a lot of hair iron and understand yourself in the choice quite difficult.What is the best hair straightener, let us tell you the basic characteristics of and differences between devices.

There are several types of coverage ironing:

  • Metal plate.Pioneers in the history of ironing, but today is nowhere where you can also meet them.With this coating the heat is distributed evenly and there is a good chance to burn the hair.
  • ceramic coating.The most popular in our time, as the heat is distributed evenly over the hair and has an excellent slip.
  • Tourmaline.Upon heating, which releases negative ions, thereby preventing the electrification of the hair itself.
  • Teflon allows using styling products, avoid them sticking to the plate.
  • mixture of ceramic coating with tourmaline or Teflon.

also distinguish hair straighteners at a temperature self-installation capabilities.This function is very important when using this product.After all, every girl is different structure and thickness of hair.For thinner recommended temperature is above 160 degrees for medium hard - 180, and the hard and thick - 200-220 degrees.

Considerable importance has the width and shape of the plate.Due to the wide surface is easy to align the long, thick strand.When a narrow width - on the contrary, it is more convenient to smooth short hair.Hair iron that does not have a smooth, rounded shape and can tighten the tips of the hair in the desired direction.

irons are directly professional and home use.The difference lies in the constitution and number of functions.If it is possible to choose the best hair straightener from the professional series.Firstly, it will last you quite a long time.And secondly, the maximum to preserve the integrity of your hair.

To reduce the harm caused by the use of paddles need to properly use it and do not forget about the hair care.To start, make sure your hair is clean and completely dry, otherwise you desiccate them.Straightening start from the bottom of the occipital area, try to capture is not very large locks.It is better to once spend on thin strands and straighten it, than 5 times as thick.Before starting the procedure, use the thermal protector means.Now there exists a sufficient set:

  • in the form of hair oil.
  • liquid crystals.
  • Hair Spray.
  • foam.

Pick the one that will suit you in all plans.

If you intend to use mousse, or any other styling - make sure to present on the packaging label "for heat styling."At the end better to fix any varnish to the appearance of the hair wet weather again spun.

To maintain natural shine and beauty of the hair, we should not forget to use balms for hair after shampooing.And once a week to make a nourishing and rejuvenating mask to nourish them.Since iron is expels the moisture from the hair, thereby straighten them.These simple and affordable methods to help prevent over-drying the hair and the appearance of posechennyh tips.

When choosing a hair straightener is better not to save, because if you burn them, restoration of your hair will take a lot more money.