Where to download the game "Stalker" ?

Где скачать игру "Сталкер"?

Computer game "Stalker" (right - S. T. A. L. K. E. R.) was released in 2007.She created her Ukrainian company, and since its release it is a sales hit in the global gaming industry.The game itself is a classic shooter, but, thanks to the excellent graphics, realistic physics, advanced role-playing component and a non-linear plot with several alternative endings she actually gave himself a class of such games to a new level.

just three years left three official versions:

  • Episode 1. Shadow of Chernobyl (Year - 2007)
  • Episode 2. Clear Sky (Year - 2008)
  • Episode 3. Call of Pripyat (the year - 2009)

Each release has its own original story and the action takes place in an area that did not appear as a result of visiting aliens, as in the original novel by Strugatsky, as a result of the Chernobyl disaster.

In addition, there is a huge number of add-ons and mods to complement each version of the game.Some of these add-ons are completely changing the plot of "Stalker", virtually turning it into a new version of the game.

If you've asked yourself the question of where to download "Stalker", it means that you have already heard something about this game.Replies to this question a lot, the game is extremely popular and replicated on a huge number of torrent trackers, is available at many faylohranilische and find the site where you can download the game, the difficulties does not represent.Here are some of the most popular:

  • www.stalkerlife.ru;
  • www.torrentino.ru;
  • www.torrentino.com;
  • www.games-archive.ru.

These links can be found or the game itself, or get a reference to fayloobmenik, where you can download "Stalker".

However, please note that by downloading the game from sharing or torrent tracker, you are violating copyright law and domestic legislation.In addition, in case of any problems with the game, you are depriving themselves of the opportunity to appeal to developers for technical support.So, before you ask the question about where to download the game "Stalker", think may be better to buy a licensed version?