How to feed a newborn ?

How to feed a newborn ?

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How to feed a newborn?

birth of a child - an important event in the life of the family, it does not matter, the first-born or not.Before parents immediately raises a number of problems to be solved, and one of them - how to feed infants, how many times to do it, and how to be, if breast milk is not enough.All these questions will be discussed in this article.

How to feed newborn

natural nutrition for the baby, just born, is the mother's milk.It is able to give the child everything necessary for proper growth and development.Every mother should make every effort to keep breastfeeding as long as possible.There are recommendations of experienced professionals who can help the woman to feed infants breast.

Pose for breastfeeding

Many mothers are interested in what position they feed the baby.The unequivocal answer is no, because the process of feeding a highly individual and the main recommendation is only for the convenience of the mother and the child is used to it.Neither the mother nor the baby should not feel during feeding is no discomfort, so that posture that suits both of them and is a "mother-baby" the best for each pair.Poses can be alternated.

  1. The most common position is considered "Crib".Mother holds a child, clutching it with one hand, his face turned to the baby the mother's breast.With his free hand holds the mother breast-feeding and monitoring the process.A similar posture - "Cross-cradle".Here mother holds the child's head by hand, the opposite breast, which he sucks.
  2. can also feed the newborn lying down, be sure to put it on the pad to the crumbs do not have to reach for the breast.
  3. Some kids, becoming older, may suckle and sitting, facing the mother.

turns out that the position for feeding may be any as long as it was convenient, you can also alternate between different options: to feed the sitting, lying down, from under the hand (for debilitated children, prematurity, as well as for women who have had a caesarean section).

How to put the newborn to her chest

very important moment in the process of breastfeeding is to capture a baby pacifier.In the mouth of the child, he should be with the areola - the areola.It is there that the receptors which give signal to the brain to strengthen the production of milk and entering him in the chest.

The correct capture can be sure if the chin, cheeks and nose of the child relating to the mother's breast, his lower lip is turned outwards, and the areola is in his mouth along with the nipple.The main rule - mother should not experience pain in the nipples during breastfeeding.If there is discomfort in the chest of the child should be carefully re-take and offer, having tracked correctness of capture.

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Basic rules of feeding

Basic rules of feeding infants tell at what time they need to feed, how often to do it, and how much milk is needed.

When feed

The short answer, you need to feed the baby when he is hungry.It required daily feeding, and feeding at night.Some mothers are of the opinion that the child should sleep at night, so do not give the child the breast until the morning.However, the need for such a big break there, and if the baby requires the chest in the middle of the night, then it is imperative to grant his request.

During one feeding the baby one breast propose that he be given more liquid "front" milk, which is drink for him, and a thick "rear", rich in nutrients.

How often to feed

Previously, there were recommendations for a three-hour interval between feedings, but now experts have a different opinion, and advised to feed your baby on demand.In some children the interval between feedings is 2.5-3 hours, others 1.5-2 hours, and sometimes the baby will insist on hourly breastfeeding.After the mother's breast is not only a source of food for the baby;at the time of sucking the baby feel secure, calm down and how many mothers are watching, undisturbed sleep.

How much milk is needed for one feeding

In the first days after the birth of a child just a few drops of colostrum.Then, after the arrival of milk, he may have to suck at a feeding up to 40 ml, gradually increasing the volume and bringing it up to 100 ml in the months of age.Of course, breastfeeding is difficult to calculate how many grams of milk has got the baby at a feeding.But you do not need to.My mother can understand her child eats or not, by the way, he gains weight, the behavior after feeding, how often she goes to the toilet.In addition, a child in one feeding can not finish, but in the next - to catch up.More

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What to feed newborn in case of problems with lactation

Undoubtedly, breast milk - the best food for the newborn, but sometimes there are temporary difficulties with breastfeeding or for whatever reasons, it is completely impossible.In this case it is necessary to replace the mother's milk, and here come to the aid of the mixture for artificial feeding.In this there is a certain power classification.

mixtures labeled number 0 or the prefix "pre" are designed for newborn and premature babies.With the number 1 - for children up to 6 months, with the number 2 - kids from 6 months to a year, with the number 3 - the children after a year.Mixtures are:

  • highly adapted.
  • partially adapted.
  • Non-adapted.
  • Also:.. Fresh and sour milk, liquid and dry, and Low-lactose free, dairy-free and tailored antireflux fortified with iron and containing prebiotics, etc.

In each case, the mixture is selected individually in accordance with the children's doctor.

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