Where to download The Sims ?

Where to download The Sims ?

Sims - I think it is unlikely there is an Internet user who has not heard of this series of games, and each second, for sure, at least once, but played.In this article I will tell you where to download free Sims - 2 and part 3, and various additions to them.

Where to download Sims 2

First, let's be clear about exactly which version of the most famous of the "Sims" in question.After all, where it is possible to download the original version of The Sims without any add-ons, but somewhere in a collection can be downloaded, which will be such well-known add-ons like Pets, Business, Nightlife, University, Seasons, Travel and various collections of objects.By itself, the game The Sims 2 (and Sims 3) is available, for example, through a local network, which can be accessed by downloading a special program DC ++.If you have such access not, click here: free download The Sims 2 - Here you can download part separately.If you only need the original game, then download only the first three files using Yandeks.Narod service.Do not forget to put on your computer utility Daemon Tools, with which is very convenient to mount the disk image and install the game with them.If you want to install, and other parts, download the relevant parts - links and switches that need to be entered during setup, there are specified.

However, for those who prefer to play at once in all parts of the Sims 2 best solution is to download the collection.Torrent links to the most stable, it can be said, a classic collection The Sims 2 - 12 to 1 can be found here - just click on the blue button "Download" after the description.On this website you will find many other collections for The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. See, for example, that this forum topic: Download Sims 2. Other excellent collection The Sims 2 can be found in the most famous Russian torrent tracker.Here are some links to the game with the additions:

  • The Sims 2 Full Collection
  • The Sims 2 (18 1)
  • The Sims 2 Collection 16 in 1

Also at the forum a huge number of various collections of furniture, clothing,different "mods", "hacks" different "strawberry", etc.Just type in the search for the tracker: Sims 2 - and learn hundreds of materials.For example, I liked the following additions to the collections for the collection of 12 to 1 (see the second link in the article.):

Very large collection of add-ons and hacks for the Sims 2

richest collection for The Sims 2 adult oriented - they can be put at the same time, onlyWe will have something to clean up (see the description and comments in the distribution).

Where to download Sims 3

Here is lined with this game, with some additions: The Sims 3 (repack).

In this topic you will find a lot of interesting options Sims 3, and will be able to download the first part of the game - how it all began: The Sims 2.

And, as always, Sims 3, with a huge number of various add-ons and mods represented at allknown "rutrekere".See some of these links:

  • huge package paid additions Sims 3
  • The Sims 3 Store
  • rare set of different objects for The Sims 3

- is only a small part of the supplements that are on the site.

And of course, I can not help but share a link to another torrent tracker: additions to The Sims 1,2 - type in the search for Sims 3 (or The Sims 2) - and you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of additions to these games.There is almost everything - from the originals to the latest additions - most importantly, read the installation instructions.Have a good game!