What heater is better?

What heater is better?

All heating modern devices can be divided into four groups - it sets out a series of oil coolers, infrared quartz radiators, fan heaters and convectors.All data heaters are powered from the mains.There are, of course, the types of heaters that are connected to the central heating system.But heating appliances running on electricity are more mobile and compact, therefore suitable for heating homes and offices.Choosing what kind of heater is best depends on your personal preferences.But, as is familiar with all the features provided by the instrument to determine accurately.

Oil heaters

Radiators - is a separate type of heating system, which has the form of a tank, which is filled with liquid, oil or water, which is considered to be a heating element.In the oil cooler by heating oil distributed heat on the metal surface, which dissipates the heat is directed at once in all directions.It has a number of characteristics:

  • In structure the oil cooler is an electric battery, filled with oil, but not water.At the unit has metal edges, similar to a central heating radiator.Radiator heats the room gradually, the warmest point is located next to the heater itself.
  • Oil radiator heats its surface temperature to 110 degrees.A similar result is obtained by special thermal slots located on the edges of the device.The model has a radiator thermostat, allowing you to install and maintain the resulting temperature.This is exactly the quality that determines for buyers, which heater is best, especially for offices.These radiators can heat a large enough space and keep the set temperature during the day.
  • Less radiator such that you can not touch the appliance, due to the high surface temperature.But at the same time, in contrast to the heaters, oil heaters operate absolutely silently.

Heat fans


  • method of operation of thermal fan convector like to work, but there is a heating element is a thin metal spiral.Fan convection is in place.Heat fan distributes the heat from the heated metal coils and dissipates the heated air by the fan.
  • This device is well suited for rooms where you want the temporary heating.Therefore, when deciding which heater is best for the house, it is not necessary to choose the fan heaters.They are better suited for the office.
  • power thermal heating is thermostatically controlled fan.When the fan emits a buzzing sound, so it can not be called quiet.In addition, the gap in zabivshayasya dust burning on the heated coils, can begin to publish a pungent smell.

Quartz Infrared Emitters

heating element of such devices is a quartz lamp.It is a long tube, a protected metal housing.Infrared emitter quartz heaters different from the other so that it warms the air and it dries.He works on a certain surface or standing around objects which are subject to its rays.Such devices are suitable if there is no need to heat the entire room.Choosing which infrared heater is better to be guided better than the brand of the device and to the technical characteristics:

  • Infrared emitter beam is tilting reflector, so he turns 20 - 40 degrees, and a good warm sitting beside him human.
  • quartz infrared radiator is protected against splash water, silent in operation and fire safe.
  • In general, the infrared emitter is good for temporary and local heating can not heat the room entirely.Therefore, it is also more suitable for the office, rather than at home.



  • converter The heating element - PETN, curved rod was heated in a metal case made of steel.Convector distribute the heat by natural convection - raising the upward heated air, replacing the cold.
  • convectors are best placed under the windows, becausein contrast to the walls, window panes are wasting too warm room.
  • Less - heaters can not heat the room cooled down quickly.These heaters are suitable for maintaining the specified room temperature using the integrated thermostat.
  • If you, for example, set the thermostat at a temperature of 22 ° C, and it suddenly starts to rise, the convector switches off automatically.And it turns again only if the room temperature drops.Convector works absolutely silently.

Now you know what kind of heater you choose the best for your home.We describe you all the pros and cons of various instruments.Each of them is suitable for their purposes.We wish you a successful shopping.